Making a Living Online As a Graphic Artist

There are many, many opportunities that await skillful folks in the World Wide Web. These opportunities pay a lot, and if you’re going to focus on them, you’d even be surprised to discover that the pay on the internet can even surpass your salary from your day job. A lot of people have focused all their energies on online work, and such a decision has reaped dividends for them. Looking for work will not be difficult, considering the consistent demand for fresh Blue Sky Graphic design courses on the internet.

One such opportunity is graphics design.

1. Ecovers. Ecovers are graphics for eBooks, special reports and other digital products. They are named as such because they are designed as covers or boxes of the products. Granted that digital products do not have physical form, customers still respond better if they see something that they can associate the products with. There are Adobe Photoshop action scripts that will help you create eCovers in a flash, though the general design will still have to depend on your creativity. You can charge as much as $65 per set. Often, orders for eCovers also come with requests for order buttons and headers utilizing the general design you have provided for the same.

2. Headers. Headers are the graphics you see on top of almost every niche website. Since virtual real estate is the name of the game these days, i.e. more and more webmasters are creating mini-sites embedded with the AdSense IDs to maximize their profit from the same, the demand for headers has become a steady need. The usual size for a header is 700 pixels by 150 pixels. If you’re going to create headers for a living, you can charge $35 per set, at the average.

3. Banners. Much like headers, albeit, used in other parts of a web page, banners are those ornamental pieces that webmasters use to promote their own pages in other sites. The size of the banner will depend on the client’s needs. There is no standard size. Everything is customized. You can charge as much as $35 per banner.

Indeed, if you will decide to pursue this opportunity, you will have to make some essential investments. Adobe Photoshop would be one of them. There are other graphic editing software programs, of course, but Adobe Photoshop has itself to be the most powerful. Additionally, some of your clients will request the .psd file, which is an Adobe Photoshop-specific file type. Such will give them an easier time to edit the works.

As mentioned above, you will also have to invest on certain action scripts that will make your job easier. These action scripts are widely available in the World Wide Web.

When using images, bear in mind that you just cannot use every photo you see on the internet. Majority of these have copyrights, and you wouldn’t want your client to shoulder the burden of infringing on other people’s rights, right? Check the license of the images you wish to use and make sure that they are allowed to be used by third parties, free of charge, even for commercial purposes.

Using Photoshop for Good Web Design

Much hype was given to search engine optimization. Needless to say, a top rank on the search engine result would basically give an online business an assurance of success. But equally important to the high rank in SERPs is the overall look of the page. A distinctive website will certainly stand out from other websites of the same genre. An attractive web design will catch the attention of visitors. There is a great chance that these visitors will bookmark the page or take note of the URL for later use.

Graphics in a website will captivate the attention of the visitors. Studies conducted on internet users showed that it would take 4 seconds for an internet browser to decide to stay. Of course you cannot control the minds of your visitors to stay and view the products you offer. But you can at least make your site attractive to captivate them to stay.

An ecommerce website should have graphics that would lure the visitors to purchase the products now, not after several days, not after surfing other sites, not after shopping around but now! By using Photoshop you can create interesting graphics that will enhance the looks of your website. These graphics can also be done to reflect the type of your business.

Say for instance the website is dedicated to selling antiques; you can have a weathered look to the page by using the Photoshop tool. You have to use the burn tool set to burn the edges of the paper to achieve a worn look. You can make wear spots by using the downloadable brush and eraser tool to stain the paper to create a used appearance.

Since you are selling antiques it would be a great idea to use an aging metal texture to your graphics. Metals that have been allowed to rust would somehow be correlated to the antique products you sell as both would show the patina of age. A plain background can be transformed into a rusty metal by using the burn tool, the saturation controls and blend modes.

Professional graphic designers will no doubt create attractive graphics for your website that will captivate the visitors. But apart from costing you an arm and a leg, these graphic designers will rob you the satisfaction of creating an attractive ecommerce website yourself. The Photoshop is a user friendly software tool to help you create novel graphics that will enhance the looks of your website to attract customers.