Tips on Choosing a Carrier to Ship Car Across Country

Tips on Choosing a Carrier to Ship Car Across Country

Shipping a car across the country involves hiring a car transportation company to haul your vehicle to the desired location or the nearest terminal. This means that the car will not pass you that way, nor will you drive it, which makes this method of moving your car very convenient.

Tips on Choosing a Carrier to Ship Car across Country

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After you decide to hire a reputable company to haul your vehicle across the country, the next step is to find one. If you have not worked with shippers before, you probably think those with the most favorable rates are the best choice. But things aren’t that simple.

Besides many trustworthy carriers that operate nationwide, there are also a certain number of fraudsters and unverified companies on the market. You should avoid them at all costs because you can be left without money and, in the worst case, without a vehicle. So you should pay a lot of attention to the carrier’s choice.

Understand Your Needs

The first step in your search should be to understand your needs. Shippers can offer different services, so it’s important to focus on those that can meet your needs. In case of shipping your four-wheeler across the country, you’ll need a carrier specialized in long-distance hauling.

Next, consider what type of transportation you want. In general, vehicle shippers offer open and enclosed shipping. As their name suggests, these services refer to the transportation of vehicles in open and enclosed trailers. 

The first option is handy, affordable, and safe but not desirable for more expensive and exclusive cars. Enclosed transport is a better option in that case, but since it’s a premium service, it comes with a higher price tag.

Another thing to think about is whether the transport will be terminal-to-terminal or door-to-door. The latter option provides maximum convenience, as the carrier does all the work around vehicle pick up and delivery to your new address. But if you want more favorable shipping, you’ll opt for terminal-to-terminal service.

Research Available Carriers

Whether you know the exact date of departure or the approximate time for vehicle shipping, you need a carrier available during that period. The earlier you book the service, the greater the chance for more favorable shipping rates. Also, you have nothing to worry about as the departure day gets closer.

With a simple online search, you can find the names of companies that operate near you and offer shipping services to the desired location. Visit specialized blogs and unbiased review sites to read comments from other users about car transportation companies. These can be a good guideline to avoid common shipping scams. More tips are on this page.

Eliminate carriers with negative feedback and a lot of bad reviews. Give the others a chance by checking their BBB rating, which shows business legitimacy, transparency, and attitude towards customers. After shortlisting companies with good ratings and reputations, visit their websites to check their credentials.

Check Credentials

Your four-wheeler is a valuable asset, so you can’t just leave its transport to any shipper. It’s important to find a reputable car transportation company with a lot of experience in this industry. They know how to handle different vehicle types and transport them safely.

Besides experience, carriers must be licensed to work in the car transportation niche. They must have all the necessary certificates, such as DOT number, Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) registration, and Motor carrier number.

FMSCA certificate obliges all transportation companies to have proper insurance. Although accidents during vehicle transport rarely happen, it’s always better to be safe than sorry and have proper coverage. In case a car transportation company doesn’t offer insurance, proceed to carriers who provide insurance to clients.

Get Multiple Quotes

Carriers’ rates might differ as they depend on many factors, such as shipping location, service demand, vehicle type, etc. But these differences shouldn’t be drastic. A shipper with the lowest rates probably doesn’t offer the best quality services. But going with the most expensive transportation company isn’t a guarantee of the best service either.

That’s why you should get several quotes before making your final choice. By comparing them, you can find the best value in price and service quality and choose a shipper that suits you best.

Customer Service

Don’t rush to sign anything before you confirm that the chosen carrier is customer-oriented. You have to feel free to ask questions and get answers. Also, reputable cross country car shipping companies ensure the track ability of their fleet to let clients know at all times where their four-wheelers are. These companies might have a lot of work, but they still need to prioritize their customers.

Choosing a car transportation company might be a nuisance, but it’s a critical step before shipping your four-wheeler across the country. Shop around to get to the carrier that’ll provide excellent service and take good care of your four-wheeler in transit.


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