Top 5 Global Workplaces for Your Dream Job

Navigating the iGaming Landscape: Top 5 Global Workplaces for Your Dream Job

Skilled workers are needed as the iGaming sector expands further. With a YoY growth rate of 12.56%, the worldwide online gaming industry is estimated to reach $213.58 billion by 2028 from $105 billion in 2022. This translates to many employment possibilities open for you to take on, especially as it’s a highly diversified area, with various different types of jobs listed, including:

  • Software engineers
  • Game designers
  • Marketing professionals
  • Customer service representatives
  • Data analysts
  • Risk managers
  • Compliance officers

With numerous occupations, the dynamic workplace will suit everyone. If you’re on a trajectory of building a successful and interesting iGaming career, here are the top 5 global workplaces to consider:

I. Malta: The Mediterranean iGaming Hub

Malta’s iGaming industry is overseen by the prestigious Malta Gaming Authority (MGA). This regulatory body protects players and promotes responsible gambling, as well as giving licenses to casinos that comply with said guidelines. Those strict standards support the MGA’s gaming reputation. Malta’s regulation offers operators and players confidence and makes it a rock-solid gaming destination for investors and those looking to start a new career or business in this field.  Similar to other top nations, iGaming experts in Malta are provided with above-average salaries and a plethora of additional benefits, which reflects the industry’s high demand for specific professionals and different talents. 

II. Estonia: Tech Innovation and Cybersecurity Focus

Tallinn Estonia igaming

Another global workplace worth considering, Estonia is becoming a hot spot for tech-savvy iGaming professionals. Its unique blend of innovation, talent, and affordability stands out. Estonia’s tech focus and skilled workforce have attracted top iGaming players like Playtech, Fortuno, and EveryMatrix. So, who promotes career advancement and industrial development in Estonia? Experts in the iGaming field are most often drawn to government programs. It’s popular among game developers and cybersecurity experts for its application of cutting-edge technology, as well as affordable cost of living. Its vibrant areas and communities attract individuals seeking new possibilities, but with a cultural twist, making Estonia an unofficial iGaming capital of the internet.

III. Gibraltar: Stability and Responsible Gaming

From Estonia’s tech-driven scene to the sun-soaked haven of Gibraltar, the iGaming community finds a new home. Located at Spain’s southern tip, this British overseas territory stands out for its strong dedication to stability and responsible gaming. Gibraltar’s political and economic environment, rooted in its close relationship with the United Kingdom, offers a strong base for business expansion. If this looks familiar, it should because this setup is very similar to Curaçao, which is a constituent country of the Kingdom of the Netherlands and one of the go-to iGaming places when it comes to operators looking to build online gaming hubs supporting crypto and/or FIAT, like Rooli Casino. Although it’s outside of Europe, which is our geo-focus with this list, we wanted to mention its Caribbean brother, as it’s a really interesting alternative. Back to the topic – Gibraltar.  

Similar to Malta, the iGaming industry in Gibraltar is regulated by the Gibraltar Gambling Commissioner (GGC). They have a strong licensing and regulatory system in place. GGC’s strict procedures ensure operators maintain highly responsible gaming and player protection standards. Gibraltar also prioritizes responsible gaming for players and operators. Everything else is also boosted by its attractive low tax rate for businesses, making it particularly enticing for companies. Furthermore, most of the workplaces shine as a reliable and promising hub in the iGaming world, offering stability, responsible business practices, and employee-friendly policies. It’s actually one of the best places for gaming gurus to make a living. 

IV. Sweden: Regulation, Innovation, and Consumer Protection

From the warmth of Gibraltar, Sweden also beckons as a Nordic haven for iGaming enthusiasts. Swedish Gaming Authority [Spelinspektionen] ensures compliance and player safety in a well-regulated environment. This tech-savvy country embraces innovation, driving NetEnt and LeoVegas to worldwide prominence. As the industry blooms, Sweden’s call for skilled professionals echoes loudly. Whether you’re a coding maestro, a marketing virtuoso, or a customer support extraordinaire, opportunities abound.  The allure isn’t just the work; it’s the Swedish work-life symphony, offering a bountiful five weeks of vacation, a bevy of benefits, and a culture that cherishes your well-being.  So why not venture into Sweden’s iGaming world?

V. Isle of Man: Stability, Innovation, and Sustainability

Isle of Man igaming industry

After leaving tech-savvy Sweden, we go to the picturesque Isle of Man in the Irish Sea. This island is more than just an iGaming haven due to its stability, innovation, and sustainability. iGaming enterprises benefit from the Isle of Man’s stable political and economic history. In addition to that, the Isle of Man offers a business-friendly climate and low tax rates, attracting iGaming enterprises seeking development. Innovative and sustainable living are the norm in this beautiful area. Eco-friendliness and ethical gaming distinguish the Isle of Man, promoting innovation.  The Isle of Man is a career center as the sector grows and the need for talented workers rises.

As our global iGaming adventure draws to a close, your ideal career begins with tackling one of the mentioned jobs, as options are endless. Choose Malta’s regulatory acceptance, Estonia’s digital buzz, Sweden’s player-centric views, or the Isle of Man’s sustainable innovation to meet your goals. Stay flexible, take risks, and make your workplace reflect your success in the evolving iGaming industry. 


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