How to fix the most troublesome Bluetooth headphone problems

How to fix the most troublesome Bluetooth headphone problems

I am pretty sure that most of you use Bluetooth headphones. Nowadays most new phones Don t have a headphone jack. Instead, they come with Bluetooth headphones. Even though it comes without a cord and is pretty much easier to use, Bluetooth headphones may have issues. Today my article is about “How to fix the most troublesome Bluetooth headphone problems”.

Once you have encountered a problem with your Bluetooth device. I recommend you first narrow down the issue before jumping into doing anything. Just try to find the source of the issue. The source could be earbuds, phones, or music apps. You can try pairing your headphones with another device and see if it works.

How to fix the most troublesome Bluetooth headphone problems

Or else you can plug a wired pair of headphones or plug the Bluetooth headphones with a cable. Some Bluetooth headphones allow that. If you have done all of these but couldn’t find the source, you can try another pair of Bluetooth buds. You might think that is why we are worrying so much about finding the source of the problem. That is because finding the source narrows down the fixes and saves your time and effort. That’s why we are worrying so much. Now let’s move into the fixes of the most troublesome Bluetooth headphone problems according to your findings.

What to do if the Bluetooth headphones won’t pair

If you tried connecting the headphones to your phone, but they won’t connect at all don’t worry a bit. According to my experience, this is the easiest to fix. But that is possible only if the headphones are working fine. Here’s how you gonna fix the issue.

1. First check the manual

As some of you already know, many headphones go to pairing mode automatically when you use them for the first time. But that won’t happen for the second time. Therefore you have to find the manual and look for the instructions on how to pair them. Most of the phones just need to hold down the power button for a few seconds. But earbuds with touch controls have their specific method.

2. Disconnect other devices

Your headphones won’t connect to your phone if you already connected those to a device like an iPad. That’s because some headphones can connect to several devices at once but some cannot. So you have to turn off the Bluetooth settings of the originally paired device first. That will force the headphones back into pairing mode.

3. Disconnect other headphones

This is the other side of the above issue. You have to make sure that your phone is not connected to another set of earbuds other than yours. Similarly, just delete the old Bluetooth devices from your phone. You can do this by going to the Bluetooth settings on iOS. You will see the “i” that is next to that particular device. Tap on it and select Forget This Device. If you are using an android you have to tap on the settings which are next to a paired device and select Unpair.

4. Recharge the battery

There will be pairing issues when the headphones’ battery is low. Just plug them in and charge fully. Even if they are some battery left.

5. Make sure both devices are compatible

Bluetooth has undergone many revisions and updates over time. The latest devices use Bluetooth 5.0 and they should be connected with a Bluetooth 5.0 compatible phone. Obviously, the latest Bluetooth headphones might not connect with very old devices. So you have to check the supported Bluetooth versions on both devices and confirm their compatibility.

What to do if the Audio Distorts

If you don’t have a problem with pairing but, there is something with the sound you hear the problem might lie with your wireless connection. Here are the fixes.

1. Check your source

Before jumping into the advanced fixes, let’s start from the very basics. First, just make sure the source of your music is not problematic.  It might be a low-quality mp3 or maybe your streaming device has set to a very low-quality setting. As I have mentioned before you can try another pair of Bluetooth headphones and see whether you still have the problem. Additionally, you have to confirm whether your internet connection is good. That also may be an underlying issue for the bad quality music.

2. Re-pair the headphones

This is the mantra for almost all of the troubleshooting steps. Unpair the headphones, turn them off, reboot your device, and pair again before moving on.

3. Bring the headphones closer to your phone

I think you are aware that most Bluetooth headphones can be apart by 33 feet to 100 feet. So if you are listening on your android that is too far, that can cause problems. Just try to get closer to the device and see.

4. Pair individual buds in a proper way

Most of the “truly wireless” or “wire-free” earbuds allow you to listen to one earbud at a time. You have to check the manual beforehand for the proper procedure for single bud listening.

5. Disconnect other devices

According to my experience, the Bluetooth audio may distort if the phone is connected to another Bluetooth device at the same time. Therefore you can try disconnecting other devices or else turning them off.

6. Update the firmware

As with most of the fixes, updating the firmware may fix the problem

7. Turn off any audio processing.

If you have a companion app for the headphones you can try turning off extra features to stop audio distortions. Similarly, if your phone has built-in processing like Samsung’s Adapt sound features, just turn them off too.

8. Deselect hands-free mode in Windows

If you are trying to connect Bluetooth headphones to a PC, they will have two entries in Windows sound settings. One for phone calls and one for stereo music. You can click the speaker icon in the right lower corner of the screen. Then select the audio source along the top and then select your headphones from the list, NOT a headset or hands-free option. You can turn off this setting permanently by navigating like this. You can turn off this behavior permanently by navigating to Control Panel > Hardware and Sound > Devices and Printers. Then right-click your headphones, and select Properties. Finally, uncheck handsfree Telephony under the Services tab.

If you hear music in only one earbud

This is another issue with true wireless or wire-free earbuds. Pairing won’t be a problem but you hear music out of only one earbud. Here’s how you gonna fix that.

1. Reconnect the earbuds to each other

Usually, the pairing of most of the wireless earbuds occurs like this. First, one earbud will pair to your phone and then the earbuds will pair to each other. There might be problems when they lose the second connection. So what you can do is reboot the earbuds by putting them into the case. Then try again after about 10 seconds. Rebooting will help the earbuds to pair with each other.

2. Re-pair the earbuds

I think you are aware that true wireless models have a special pairing method for single bud listening. Therefore if you paired the secondary bud accidentally that might cause issues. Just unpair the earbuds fully and repair them.

I think these fixes might help you to fix the most troublesome Bluetooth headphone problems. If they are not helpful, you can have a look at the headphones’ manual and see a method to reset them. Or else you can reset the Bluetooth settings of your device. Here are the steps.

If you have an android phone,

First, go to Settings. Then search for Apps or Apps & Notifications. Now, tap on Show All. There will be a list of all your apps and three dots in the corner to Show System apps. Look for Bluetooth in that list and then tap on Storage. Finally, tap Clear data and/or cache. On Apple devices you have to go to Settings > General > Reset > Reset Network Settings. That will wipe all your saved Bluetooth and Wi-Fi devices.