How Does SEO Audit A Website in Less Than An Hour?

The key role of an SEO audit service is identifying the areas which need work in the campaign and formulating different ways to improve the SEO campaign. This procedure provides one with a list of factors that need fixation.

The individuals visiting your content must find your content useful and relevant. Your content should have answers to the queries which they are looking for. Make sure to use new SEO strategies since the old strategies aren’t useful. The new SEO strategies are going to help your website rank.

 There have been huge fixes in the ranking factors as well as criteria in recent times. Search engines such as Google would favor your site if your web page is properly optimized as well as SEO friendly. Every aspect of the webpage is checked by the crawler to know if a site provides legal and useful content. You simply can not fool the search engine because as per the new algorithm search engines rank the page which has justifiable content and uses keywords naturally.

The role of an SEO website audit service is important to check the accuracy of a webpage. It’s recommended to audit the current campaign each quarter to know its success rate. This allows for identifying any existing problems and finding the appropriate solutions for them.

The three important aspects which should be considered while performing an audit are as follows:-

  • Backend factors such as hosting as well as indexing
  • Front-end factors like content, metadata, and keywords
  • Quality of the link and outside references 

The ideal way for performance evaluation is using an audit and a website should be audited around twice every quarter. Once at the start and the end of each campaign. 

What are some tips to improve SEO audit?

Some tips to improve SEO audit are as follows:-

1. Start with a crawl

Crawl is one of the crucial factors to consider to perform an SEO audit and it barely takes 4 to 5 minutes. Some great tools which can help you in this regard are SEMrush, Ahrefs, and so on. The primary focus of crawlers is identifying poor content quality, unlinked pages, poor images, duplicity in content, and issues related to page titles and keywords. So, when it comes to improving site performance, you have to make sure your content is free from any such issues.

2. Page URL

The variety of combinations of the same URL must be functional on every website. The website which constitutes various versions gives an unclear and mixed message to Google about the way the website can be crawled. When this takes place, the crawler doesn’t find avid information.

3. Performing on-page SEO check

The optimization of the site should be done correctly at the time of evaluation as well as during receiving the crawl results. It’s suggested to start inspecting duplicate headers, title tags as well as pages. You would notice a crawl on some content if the contents have similar themes. Avoid duplicity of the content.

 4. Include internal and external links

The reason for broken links on any site results from moving or deletion of a few web pages to a different address. Although the overall procedure might seem tedious you can take help from great tools. It can be easily downloaded and beneficial to identify broken links on the site. Broken links can cause trouble in user experience which is one of the crucial factors in ranking websites and pages as per the search engine algorithm.

5. Website speed

Search engines understand that the pages which take a lot of time to load don’t attract much of an audience. Since no one likes to wait and they are most likely to look for the information on any other website. The assessment of the speed of the website plays a great role to determine success. Make sure your website’s loading speed, as well as uptime, is higher because this is the key to retaining customers and the search engines will rank your website higher. If you are wondering how can you control these two factors (speed and uptime)? The answer is quite simple, choose reliable web hosting providers.


Auditing the SEO performance has become a necessity for keeping up with the current competition. Some of the numerous tools which are used to perform SEO for Business are already in debate amongst search engine optimizers.

However, one thing which matters irrespective of every factor is how updated the website is and if it’s following current market trends and is aware of the latest algorithms. This barely takes an hour and would help you in making quick changes to solve such issues and form a strategy.

You can take help from plagiarism checker apps to eliminate any duplicate issues. If your webpage is full of optimized and informative content you are doomed to get maximum engagement and higher ranking.  Soon your website will also generate revenue.