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A Complete Guide for Designing luxury Boxes Read It Now

When you’re running a business in this cutthroat world, you need something that sets you apart from the rest of the crowd, and that can be your luxury packaging boxes. If you don’t just want to survive but also thrive in this industry, you need to invest in premium packaging right away. 

In this age of social media, it serves as an important marketing tool. People have started to expect more than just a boring unboxing experience now that unboxing videos have become a rising trend online, especially among influencers. The beautiful outlook of your boxes creates anticipation and entices the customer to dig in. It is as crucial as what is inside, if not more. 

The design of your luxury gift Boxes is especially important if you’re running an online business. Your brand value must immerse through the packaging and lure in potential customers.

To decide all the key components of your packaging, you must keep three things in mind: durability, function, and aesthetics. We are bringing you the complete guide to designing your luxury boxes

Design Explicit Luxury Packaging Boxes With Us

Here’s where you should start:

First things first, choosing the right material. The main purpose of packaging boxes is to prevent the product from being damaged. To ensure this, we must choose something strong like rigid set-up boxes. Packaging companies must use high-quality packaging since it adds weight to the box and gives a more luxurious feel.

Besides the representation of the product, brands should also consider the long-term use of their packaging. Many customers keep holding the product packaging long after the original purchase to reuse it, which creates a long-lasting brand impression.

Depending on the product, plain wooden boxes could also do the trick. They give off the feeling of earthiness and tradition. You need to ask yourself how you want your customer to feel when they receive your product and then decide. Since the demand for eco-friendly packaging is rising, that’s something to keep in mind when crafting your Luxury Boxes. Manufacturing companies can brand themselves as environmentally conscious, attracting consumers to shift to sustainability. This action positively contributes to the brand image and optimizes cost when getting luxury Boxes wholesale

Customize To Create Luxury Boxes

You can include many variations to elevate the presentation of your product. You need to customize the design according to shape, size, and structure. The box can come with a removable lid, magnetic closure, or sleeve tray. You can choose a unique shape for your boxes to make them stand out in the competitive market. Choosing a color for your box sets the tone. Make sure it is in contrast with the color of your product. You need to study your competition and choose a color that will make you distinctive. Also, it would help if you evaluated who your target audience is and what will catch their eye. Colors can become an integral part of your brand identity. Customers should be able to associate the colors with your brand. You can even introduce a different texture on your luxury gift box that specifically reminds the customer of you. 

Moving on, focusing on product design is great, but you also need to make sure you have high-quality printing and visuals. Low-quality graphics would result in a cheap look and lose the essence of your design. The two main types of printing used in the packaging industry are offset printing and digital printing. Digital printing is usually the first choice, as it requires less tooling investment and delivers fast results. Placing your brand identity and logo at a prominent place is a must.

You have a few ways to go about it. You can use silver or gold foil stamping, which gives a sophisticated touch and brings your box to life. Another printing technique that can add extravagance to your logo is embossing or debossing. They give an in-depth 3-D look to your design. 


Adding personalized cards serves as social bait. It builds a connection with your customer. It could contain a short creative message from your brand or even an easy guide on using your product. Little efforts always leave a mark. You can use custom tissue paper to wrap your interior reinforcing brand recognition.

The cherry on top of your packaging is the finishing. You have to find the best coating when incorporating these special processes. Many options include aqueous coating, UV coating, and gloss/matte lamination. Matte lamination is recommended over boxes because it gives the elegant looks luxury brands are trying to achieve. Adding interactive packaging like satin ribbon closures on your luxury gift boxes can give the customer a sense of instant gratification.

Lastly, when shipping your luxury boxes, make sure to secure them to avoid any dents or scratches on them. Find a shipping company that is apt to handle your parcel and reach the customer in top-notch condition. Hoping this guide has given you all the information you need to kick-start the process of designing your luxury boxes. 

It’s Easy To Get Luxury Packaging Boxes Wholesale

We know some technicalities can seem intimidating without any help from a professional. Also, We have an experienced team at CLB packaging to guide you through every small decision and bring your ideas to execution.

We offer various luxury boxes wholesale made with eco-friendly material and value-added customizations. We deliver all to you at an affordable price with the fastest turn-around time. Contact us today and find the expertise to make your product shine.