4 Ways An Automated School Billing Software Can Assist With Billing

The biggest challenge faced by the education sector in today’s world is payroll management of teachers and admin staff, collecting payment from the students via online and onsite payment methods.

Additionally, another challenge has been raised by the technological revolution, which includes offering courses online, and processing the entire admission process through an online system. This includes admission fee collection, issuing admission letters, and collecting payment from a student on a recurring basis. Resolving these issues that we have just mentioned can easily be done via the integration of  Billing Software for Schools into their LMS.

Here in this article, we have discussed in detail 4 essential benefits that School Billing Software i.e. SubscriptionFlow offers to the education sector. On the basis of these, you can customize your LMS to generate accurate invoices and collect payment through multiple payment gateways.

4 Ways To Utilize School Billing Software

4 Ways An Automated School Billing Software Can Assist With Billing

When we talk about subscription management systems for schools, the most important thing that everyone should consider is how efficient a system is in terms of automating invoices that have zero possibility of error and detailed reporting.

1. Automated Error Free Invoicing Generation

Whether you are offering on-demand courses or learning subscriptions, the key challenge that every education sector faces is generating invoicing accurately for every course that is being offered by an education system. However, when it comes to eLearning that follows comprehensive and strict guidelines for pay before you play, the role of invoice becomes significant.

Wondering how? well, in a learning subscription, invoicing acts as a key that opens access to the learning content. Therefore, the need for integrating invoicing with the LMS system and linking it with the student portal becomes essential. In this quest, the subscription management software offers a complete recurring billing and payment management solution in the form of automated workflow creation.

2. On-demand Receipt

Another challenge that every institute has to face is to comply with the request of the learner in generating on-demand invoices. This comes in handy when a Lerner walk-in into your institute and asks to get the invoice for a particular program with a customized course and instructor. And, the best solution to make this process quick and simple is by having everything ready from the quote to the template, and written material. So that the person only has to enter the excessive information and do the required task with utmost ease.

3. Automated & Secure Admission And Document Collection

In addition to the invoice and payment, another thing that an eLearning institute need is to have a central system that offers complete information on the course subscriber e.g. demographics of the students, the course subscription details, the document of the subscribers, and much more.

However, keeping track of all of this information is not that easy, therefore, the automated subscription management system for the education business comes in handy. Once you create a workflow, the only thing that would be left is automating it, so that whenever a subscriber enrolls in your program, the system automatically collects document from the subscriber and arrange it in the sequence of need.

4. Reporting and Analytics

Last but not least, the subscription management system requires detailed reporting that offers deep insights on courses that are being offered by the institute e.g. enrolled information, course complete rate, certificate awarded, and much more. At the same time, the analytics combined with the AI and BI can be a program to provide a list of opportunities that an education sector can use to either offer new courses, optimize and upgrade the content of courses, and much more.


The education sector and education businesses are among those verticals that have seen a significant increase in revenue. Because of the increasing trend in online learning and initiative taken by institutes. In implementing in-house or virtual learning programs for their employee. However, the success of this initiative is depended on how much a system is agile to offer on-time and accurate invoice generation. That accurately charges the student on the bases of their subscription plan.