Can you imagine yourself being in the Stone Age era with no technology? Can you think to live without it? Well, most of you can’t even think of living without it, and why think that way when you have Google at your fingertips?

For many of us, technology is like a bar of gold in life. We don’t need to find locations as an online map will help us to reach our destinations. In the future, we might not need to learn how to drive because of self-driving cars.

Technology in the World of Education:

In the early times, only the elites had access to educational opportunities and few books were available. People had to travel far to earn an education. Now every bit of information such as videos, audio, and books are available at your fingertips.


We all know these days “Online learning” is the new normal. Several online tools and various online dissertation writing services UK-based or US-based services are available to help students in dissertation write-ups. All the credit goes to computers and the internet which help students to continue their education during this pandemic.

Today technology put a huge impact on every individual’s life and when it comes to education there is no doubt technology has transformed education.

Positive Impact on Student Learning:

The introduction of technology in education helps students to acquire knowledge in new ways. It has many positive impacts which are highlighted in the post.

1. Learning at Ease:

Students can now gain knowledge and learn new things with the help of smartphones, tablets, and laptops. These gadgets make it easy for students to access information for study purposes. They can access the internet to complete their assignments and projects at a fast pace.

With the help of various tools such as PowerPoint, Excel, online calculator, etc, they can easily make presentations and solve various problems. Students can now also take help from buying a dissertation online UK-based for their dissertations from the comfort of home all possible because of the internet.

2. Student-teacher Collabaration:

Technology has also enhanced the student-teacher relationship. Instructors can now spend less time on lectures and more time monitoring and coaching students. They can customize instructions according to students learning needs.

Students can now communicate with their teachers easily with the help of various online networks. They can ask course-related questions from their professors instead of finding answers in the books or from somewhere else.

3. Enhance Learning Environment:

Some students might find it difficult or hesitate to participate in the class. Due to the online classes, students can now actively participate in the classroom. They feel comfortable joining discussions during important meetings.

Students’ views and ideas help to make lessons more interactive and interesting. They can contact each other to ask the subject-related matters as communicating online become easier.

4. Students Learn At Their Own Pace:

In the traditional classroom setup, many students fail to grasp the new concept. With the help of technology, students can now learn at their own pace. Students who need extra time or help can practice and learn outside the classroom with the course materials and through online resources.

They can also search for material and do the advanced reading for their next lecture. The curriculums are well developed by the teacher which meets the need of students and helps to enhance learning.

5. Motivation Starts to Rising:

We like to do those things that we enjoy the most and that’s how technology helps to motivate the students to do the things that they don’t like.

Children love technology, for them, it’s like magic. If their instructors give some task that includes the use of technology. This increases their motivation and allows for better concentration and results. Teachers involve visual material in the course these days to motivate students to participate in the class.

6. Sharpen the Minds of Students:

They can access the bundle of information through the internet which sharpens their minds. It enhances important critical thinking skills which are important to building and assessing arguments. They are important for assignments and projects.

7. Students Learn Through Various Learning Styles:

Each student has a different learning style. It is difficult for teachers to create a lesson plan that includes all of these styles. There are various learning styles such as visual, auditory, verbal, logical, etc.

Some students can learn better through hearing, so this gives teachers the option to use videos and podcasts. Some students like to use pictures to visualize what they are learning.

Negative Impact on student’s learning:

These are the positive impact but we can’t deny the negative of technology on students’ learning. Some of them are mentioned below.


1. Too Many Distractions:

The internet is for gaining useful information. The world is just a click away from you but instead of gaining knowledge students spend most of their time on games, social media, watching movies and chatting. These are the major factors of distractions and take away the students from studies.

They would love to spend their time on social media platforms rather than focusing on academics.

2. Lose Interest to Learn

Saving most of the learning materials online on computers makes poor learning habits and creates a non-serious attitude towards it. Some students show laziness in going to school and think that they will find things later on Google for sure.

3. Wrong information:

Students learn about various things online but are unaware of it whether it’s right or wrong. You can search for so many topics on the internet and relevant information. It is difficult to know what information is authorized and which content is just a waste.

Final Thoughts:

There might be some negative impacts of technology on students’ learning but the positive impact outweighs them. All thanks to technology, education is no longer limited to classrooms. Technology made education more accessible and easy.


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