The Best Dragon Games

Looking for the best dragon games for PC? Long before the heyday of Dungeons and Dragons and how Tolkien became the epitome of fantasy, dragons were famed as fearsome and majestic creatures of myth. As a rule, they spew flames and guard the treasures of gold, sometimes become loyal companions and allow them to fly on themselves, and they are often confused with wyverns.


PC games are therefore the best RPGs especially, are rife with dragons and therefore the like, allies, and enemies alike. And how can you not like an epic confrontation with a fire-breathing lizard the size of a skyscraper?

We’ve rounded up some of the best dragon games on PC to encounter, fight, and even befriend these legendary creatures. There are enough multiplayer games or MMORPGs in this collection. Given that it is more difficult for a lone adventurer to defeat an entire dragon (we are talking about you, Dragonborn), it is not surprising that many games that involve dragon battles prefer to involve hundreds of players in them, teaming up for victory. Below are the dragon games that you will definitely want to play if you want something more out of life.

1. Skyrim

 Skyrim Dragon game

The dragons of Skyrim became a separate stage in the history of these creatures, just as the local horses stood out for their climbing abilities. Alduin and company finished off many of the Dragonborn in the snowy peaks of the northern province. And although the main plot ends beautifully with a battle with the legendary dragon of Tamriel, its relatives may well appear out of nowhere, while you just relax and collect flowers. One of the best and worst sensations of playing Skyrim is hearing the flapping of giant wings directly overhead as you trudge back into town under a heavy load of loot.

2. Monster hunter world

Monster hunter world Dragon Game

Monster Hunter World boasts ancient dragons of all kinds. Despite the fact that they were not the first time they appeared in this series, it was in MHW that the most impressive dragons turned out to be. Here, battling these beasts became some of the toughest challenges, culminating in the final battle against Xeno’jiva. Although this is not the last dragon.

In the upcoming release of Monster Hunter World: Iceborne, players will face battles with ancient ice dragons. In addition, not every game will allow you to turn your defeated opponents into a stylish set of dragon armor.

3. Elder Scrolls Online

Elder Scrolls Online Dragon game

Not wanting to be behind Skyrim in success, The Elder Scrolls Online has finally added dragons to the list of enemies. Albeit not in the base game, the Elsweyr expansion, which brought players to the home of the Khajiit, also delighted old scaly acquaintances. ESO’s dragon battles take place in an open world with dozens of players on the same map.
They can be seen flying across the sky before eventually landing in a fairly clear area where the players can work together to defeat them. In ESO, dragons are not a joke: they attack with fire and other nasty AOE effects that will easily kill any unwary player.

4. Guild Wars 2

Guild Wars 2 Dragon Game

The elder dragons of Tyria are so monstrous that even some of the world bosses in Guild Wars 2 appear to be mere minions of these apex predators. In the base game, three of the colossal world bosses that each player on the map team with are lieutenants of true elder dragons. Throughout the history of the game, some duels have become more difficult, including the fight with Tequatl the Twilight.

If at first he was just a little creepy and soon the players got the hang of quickly winning, then later Lieutenant Zaytana turned into a much more difficult enemy, in battle with which a certain consistency is required. In each new story arc and expansion, Guild Wars 2 introduces us to a dragon (sometimes as a friend). Now that mounts have appeared in the game, you can also fly on a mini-dragon, which is far from being as scary as the older ones.

5. Dark Souls series

Dark Souls series Dragon Game

It’s no surprise that games that are lauded for their complexity pit players against some of the largest and most ferocious creatures in the fantasy world. Despite the dragons’ role in the lore of Dark Souls, true members of the species are rare. Most of them are distant relatives (wyverns and the like), but this does not make them less formidable.
From real dragons like the nasty-looking Bigger Dragon and Naked Sith in Dark Souls to fewer purebloods like the Ancient Wyvern in Dark Souls 3, each of these bosses will be formidable foes in the best traditions of the series.

6. World of Warcraft

World of Warcraft Dragon Game

The third expansion for World of Warcraft Cataclysm, released in 2010, saw a radical change when the dragon Deathwing wreaked havoc across Azeroth. The destruction affected entire locations and changed the world around. Naturally, Deathwing became the final boss of the expansion and a fierce foe for the players. Years have passed, and now you can humiliate Deathwing by riding a dragon mount in his likeness so that you do not forget who defeated him.

7. Dragon age: inquisition

Dragon age: inquisition Game

Dragons also appear in the first two parts of Dragon Age. In the final of Dragon Age: Origins, you generally fight a huge dragon – the Archdemon. However, in Dragon Age: Inquisition you will meet the best representatives of the breed. After killing the first dragon somewhere in the vastness of the Inquisition, you will unlock a new quest: kill the rest of the high dragons.

Each of them will outshine your group with a giant wingspan and an equally impressive list of special characteristics. Battles with dragons can drag on for a long time since the Inquisitor has only three companions in his assistants.

8. Dragon’s Dogma: Dark Arisen

Dragon's Dogma: Dark Arisen Game

Although the original Dragon’s Dogma never made it to PC, the subsequent ported version of Dark Arisen brought us Monster Hunter-style monster battles. Dragon’s Dogma is full of other fantasy baddies, but with this name, it’s no wonder dragons play a significant role in Dark Arisen.

The game begins with one of these monsters taking your heart away, and in the spirit of a true RPG hero, who is made stronger by everything that does not kill, you take revenge on numerous creatures in all possible and impossible ways.


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