Metro Games in Order

Metro Games in Order

The Metro series, which has delighted fans of the genre over the past decade, has become extremely popular among users. This is the creation of the Ukrainian studio 4A Games, which developed all parts of the Metro. She also retained exclusive rights to create new ones – those that are in development. But the publication was attended by: the American media company THQ, limited to the release of the first part. After that, the German Deep Silver took over the baton and published all the others.

These are not simple shooters. The games in the series are presented in the genre of a post-apocalyptic shooter, a first-person shooter with elements of Survival horror. The game does an excellent job of building up fear and constant anxiety.

This is complemented by colorful graphics of exceptional realism that convey the mood of the characters. And also extremely successful thematic music, which creates a special atmosphere. All this, together, keeps the player in constant tension. The Metro series is another post-apocalyptic saga that tells about the end of the world and the survival of the last representatives of humanity in the Moscow subway.

Metro Games in Order

What order should I play? We will talk about the chronology of the games in this article.

Metro all parts of the series of games in chronological order:

1. Metro 2033

Metro 2033

The first part of the Metro series became especially remarkable, in that well-known programmers Alexander Maksimchuk and Oles Shishkovtsev took part in its development. They “inherited” STALKER in the gaming series – another legendary project. But perhaps the most famous participant in its creation is Dmitry Glukhovsky, author of the novel Metro 2033. The novel became the basis of the game’s plot. Recognized media company THQ, interested in the project, joined the work and presented the release in mid-March 2010.


Events are developing two decades after the nuclear war, namely in 2013. The war turned the Earth into a radioactive desert, completely uninhabitable. States known in a wide circle have ceased to exist, huge megalopolises have turned into dull ruins, and their population has been reduced to dust. Civilization disappeared from the face of the planet, like all its achievements. Its last representatives, about 40,000 who miraculously survived the crash, are forced to hide underground in the Moscow metro. But even here they have to survive and hold back the onslaught of bloodthirsty creatures. They mutated under the influence of radiation, and took over one of the stations, from where they terrorized people.

The main character of the story is a 24-year-old guy named Artyom, who survived the apocalypse. As a child, he lost his parents him. The plot is built around it and the main events take place.

The beginning of the Metro story (Summary)

According to the scenario, the original consists of 8 chapters, which are separate levels for passing. In the first, entitled “Prologue”, Artyom meets with Hunter at VDNKh. He is one of the rangers of the paramilitary organization “Sparta”, the main combat unit in the fight against mutants. This meeting will radically change the life of the protagonist.

In the second chapter, Artyom, without waiting for Hunter, together with his best friend Zhenya and Boris met at VDNKh, lead the caravan. He is carrying humanitarian aid to Riga. Already almost near the station itself, ghouls attack them and the first collision occurs.

In the third chapter, the bandit “Bourbon”, with whom the main character leaves Riga and breaks through the catacombs, fights with ghouls. Having been on the surface and having fought with the guards, the companions with great difficulty getting to Sukharevskaya.

Metro 2033 - metro games in order

New friend

In the fourth chapter, at the Sukharevskaya station, Bourbon dies, and Khan takes his place. Pursued by angry mutants, companions, fight off monsters with all their might. Then they get to Tugenevskaya, where, in a skirmish with the Reds, the hero is captured, but flees with the help of the Master.

Chapter five. Artyom again comes across, but this time to the Nazis, who are at war with the Reds. Here he becomes really tight, but he is saved again thanks to Pavel and Ullman – the rangers of “Sparta”. He makes his way through the Nazi checkpoint in Polis, on which he pinned his hopes.

Crucial moment

In the sixth chapter, Artyom receives a refusal to help from the Council of Polis. The protagonist with new companions – Melnik, Colonel of “Sparta” and Danila, rises to the surface for the second time. Their goal is a folder with a map of the bunker “D-6”, stored in the library. VI Lenin, where new dangers await them.

In the seventh chapter, Artyom finds a folder and goes to the bunker with a group of like-minded people. But here the ghouls are already waiting for them. With losses, they manage to break through to the “D-6” and restore the air cleaner and generator, after which he and Melnik go to the Ostankino tower.

In the final chapter, the fate of the hero himself, his comrades, and all the people left in the subway are decided. He needs to climb to the very top of the tower, but the way is blocked by Demons and Blacks. And in addition to everything, he begins to delirious, losing consciousness.

Game process

The player, in the guise of the protagonist, has to go all the way, fighting against monsters and hostile factions. Along the way, Artem performs the tasks assigned to him, moving from level to level. The game is absolutely linear in terms of freedom of action. The main task of the player is to survive and complete the mission to move to the next level. Each time it becomes more difficult to go through a new location. More dangerous opponents appear on the way – their number increases, and the tasks become more difficult.

Armament and Armor

Naturally, the player will not have to fight with his bare hands, but at his disposal is a rich arsenal of weapons and equipment:

Small arms – 44-caliber Magnum pistol, a double-barreled sawn-off shotgun and “Murderer” shotgun, homemade “Bastard” submachine gun.

Automatic weapons – AK-74 assault rifle, AKM modification of 2012, with an under barrel grenade launcher, VSV automatic assault rifle.

Other weapons – a grape-shot machine gun “Paragraph”, air rifle “Rail” handicraft, crossbow “Van Helsing” borrowed from the film.

Heavy weapons – a homemade easel flamethrower (appears at medium levels), a DShK machine gun, with AK-47 cartridges of 5.45 mm caliber.

Protective gear – two types of armor, Heavy, and Light. The first has a bonus to stamina and health, the second – speed and stealth;

Equipment – lighting devices with charging, gas mask and air purification filter, first aid kit and clock, time indicator, and the charge level of devices.

Weapons and items of equipment must be pumped over the course of the game. It is possible to purchase new weapons and sell or exchange them, and cartridges are used as a payment unit.

2. Metro: Last Light

metro games in order

As in the first part of the series, members of the previous team took part in Metro: Last Light: programmers Alexander Maksimchuk and Oles Shishkovtsev. The author of the acclaimed novel Dmitry Glukhovsky also took part, who wrote the script for the second part.

Work on the creation of the sequel at the 4A Games studio was carried out more thoroughly. The developers set themselves a task while maintaining positive achievements. It was necessary to correct some shortcomings, of which there were many in Metro 2033. In general, a positive balance has been achieved, and the Ray of Hope has become more technologically advanced.

But not without difficulties. THQ, which started publishing the second part, went bankrupt. Therefore, it was published by the German media company Deep Silver. And the release took place in mid-May 2013.

Continuation of the story of Artyom

Contrary to the expectations of book fans, the plot of Metro: Last Light is completely inconsistent with the action of the novel Metro 2034. The sequel to the first part of the series replaced the literary canon. In the beginning, there is only a slight departure from the linear plot. According to him, the events of the game unfold in the spring of 2034. Sparta destroyed the Blacks and settled in the D-6 bunker, which became the base of the order. But traitors appeared in it – Ranger Lesnitsky stole a container with a terrible virus in order to transfer it to red.

At the same time, it becomes apparent that the elimination of the Blacks was the most serious mistake humans have ever made. But not everyone agrees to accept this, in particular Melnik, the head of Sparta.

Events Metro: Ray of Hope in order

As in the first part, Artyom remains the central figure in The Ray of Hope. Many familiar characters from Metro 2033 also remained. The events of the sequel to the post-apocalyptic saga begin with the meeting of the protagonist with Khan. He told him about the terrible consequences that await humanity after the destruction of the Black ones. Khan even provided evidence.

First, Artyom and Anna, the daughter of Melnik, go in search of the last Black. In the VDNKh area, they are attacked by guards, but having fought back, they find the person they are looking for and arrange a chase after him. Although this is only a cub, the hero almost dies in a fight with him. Unconscious, both of them are captured by the Nazis.

Then Artyom comes to his senses in the “Fourth Reich” concentration camp. Here he finds an unexpected ally – Paul, a scout of the Reds. Together they kill the officer during interrogation and escape. Having risen to the surface, they follow in the footsteps of the Black, sold by the Nazis to a merchant from the “Hansa”.

Then Artyom and Pavel find a plane, but they fail to lift it into the air. They are walking again. On Teatralnaya, they are attacked by a demon, from which they fight back. After that, the partners fall into the field of view of the guards, who begin the pursuit. Firing back, they make their way to one of the metro stations.

Unexpected turn

After that, Pavel dries Artyom with sleeping pills. He hands it over to his immediate commander, General Korbut, at the Red Line headquarters on Revolution Square. The protagonist is captured at the moment when Lesnitsky arrives there with the virus. Here Artyom learns about the plans of the Reds, who are preparing to capture the entire metro.

Further, freed, for some unknown reason, by the son of Korbut, the hero sets off in pursuit of Paul. After arriving at Tretyakovskaya, occupied by bandits, Artyom learns about their alliance with the Reds. Here he also finds Pavel, who gives out information about the whereabouts of Cherny.

Artyom is attacked by pinnipeds and guards, but he still gets over the swamp. The next encounter is with a giant shrimp. Rangers led by Anna come to his aid. With them, he tries to break through the catacombs, but in a battle with Lesnichky’s detachment, the Spartans die. Artyom is wounded, and Anna is captured.

Having regained consciousness, the main character pursues the Forester to free Miller’s daughter. In the battle on the flimsy bridge with “Big Mom”, he collapses. Artyom falls to the lower level of the caves, where he finishes the monster. Picked up by groundwater, it is carried to Oktyabrskaya.

Then he learns that the station is infected with a virus stolen by Lesnitsky. The traitor hides, but Artyom manages to save Anna. Without gas masks, they reach Koltsevaya Street, where Han finds them unconscious. Having come to his senses at the Hansa base, he learns the latest disappointing news that came from Polis.

Answers on questions

Together with Khan, the main character goes to the bank of the underground River of Destiny to get answers to his questions. Thanks to this, the friends intercept the train with Black. At this moment, Ulman, not privy to their plans, blows it up. But Artyom manages to save the prisoner, who told about the mistake of people.

Artyom, together with Cherny, comes to the surface again, on the other bank of the Moscow River. He runs into Lesnitsky, from whom he learns the plans of the Reds. Then on Red Square, he is ambushed but breaks out of it. Together with his companion, Artyom gets to the Kutafya Tower, where they are met by Melnik and Khan.

During conversations, Black reveals to them the secret that he is not the last. Other members of his people sleep in the secret room “D-6”. The miller promises to keep them alive in exchange for help. Black agrees, and turning to telepathy, talks about the true plans of the Reds and who is behind it all.

At the end of the story, the opponents converge in a decisive battle. During the battle, most of the Spartans die, and the Reds on the armored train break through the D-6 defenses. Even before the battle, the complex was mined in order to undermine it in case of capture. And everything goes to the fact that the worst fears were confirmed …


metro games in order

In Metro: Last Light, the confrontation with mutants fades into the background. The Red Line is becoming the main threat. But, despite the fact that these are people who do not have supernatural abilities, they are no less dangerous. They are distinguished by cruelty and fanaticism and are also well armed and equipped.

However, positive characters also have a chance, due to the fact that the developers have expanded and diversified the arsenal available to the protagonist. It is noteworthy that in addition to the basic ones familiar from the first part, exclusive weapons have appeared.

Outfit of the protagonist

Small arms – among the new products appeared the Mauser C96 M712, here called “Scum” and the hand-made grape-shot pistol “Ashot”.

Ranged weapons – the Saiga-12 shotgun, the Prevent, and Velopal rifles, and the Valve and Khlopushka sniper rifles are all handicrafts.

Automatic weapons – apart from the usual AK-74. AKM and assault on the VSV rifle, a shortened modification of the AK-74, the AKSU assault rifle, appeared.

Heavy weapons – the Gatling machine gun, presented in the game as makeshift, but known since the 19th century, and the RPK machine gun, with a 5.45 mm cartridge from the AK-47.

Additional weapons – knives and grenades, incendiary grenades, and anti-personnel mines were added in this part.

Equipment and protective equipment have not changed. Despite the improvements, combat tactics in the second part of the series remained unfinished and leaves much to be desired. But what really pleased us was the introduction of the Stealth system, with the potential for open passage.

3. Metro Redux

Metro Redux - metro games in order

In fact, the third part of the series is not even a sequel. Rather – a rethinking of the two previous parts, presented in the global work on errors. The Return is a very pronounced remastering that the developers at 4A Games have really worked on. They brought many changes and improvements over the previous games in the series.

The team that worked on the creation of Metro Redux (someone calls it “redux”) has also changed. For example, the author of the work, Dmitry Glukhovsky, did not take part in this project, since the script is little that remained unchanged in the game. German media company Deep Silver, on the other hand, has firmly established itself as a publisher with the release of The Return in August 2014.

Game visualization features

First of all, the re-release is noteworthy in that it includes both Metro 2033 and Metro: Last Light at once, without any changes in the storyline. But at the same time, the picture has changed qualitatively. With the already excellent graphics, Metro Redux has become flawless. Visualization has acquired new spectacular special effects, striking with realism. Due to the introduction of the new authoring engine 4A Engine, which became a kind of technical breakthrough, it was possible to further detail the characters with a noticeable improvement in their animation.

In general, the changes affected the lighting system, which made the drawing brighter and deeper. The dynamism of destruction, the peculiarities of the weather, and the effects of particles were also manifested.

At the same time, the game retained the same atmosphere of doom and despondency. The colors convey the realities of the post-apocalyptic environment, which distinguishes the genre. It seems to penetrate the mind of the player. The improved lighting emphasized the emotional state of the characters, forcing them to empathize with the events taking place in the plot.

The locations familiar from Metro 2033 and Metro: Last Light have changed somewhat and acquired new details. You can notice the appearance of corridors or some minor details that were not there before. A noticeable improvement in the quality of NPC models does not escape attention. In Metro Redux, the angular animation of secondary characters remaining in the background has disappeared.

Game mechanics update Metro Reissue

In this regard, the situation is somewhat different. Despite the assurances of the developers, no fundamental changes have occurred. The gameplay has also been thoroughly worked on. But for some reason, the artificial intelligence of negative characters was left unattended.

The “thoughtlessness” of the enemy, substituting himself under a hail of bullets, makes the battle scenes unnatural. In addition, their eyesight has also deteriorated – the main character, being in a dark corner or at a considerable distance, remains unnoticed. Even for those creatures that can see perfectly in pitch darkness.

But what catches your eye is the presence in the first part of the weapon, which appeared starting from the second. This is already a plus because it radically changes the passage. Moreover, Metro Redux combined short chapter levels, which previously looked stretched out, accompanied by insignificant events.

In the part of the passage, 2 completely new styles were added, expressed in “Survival” and “Spartan”. Now it is possible to silently eliminate the enemy. Where it could only be stabbed with a knife, stun or strangulation is now available. This makes it more likely that the enemy will not attract attention.

Also in the general gameplay, new items have appeared, such as notes and safes, where they were not there before, in particular in Metro 2033. For the most part, the sequel makes a good impression, especially against the backdrop of the prototype. Much has been fixed and improved in it, making the game better and more fun. But no fewer details requiring improvement were either completely ignored or poorly implemented.

4. Metro: Exodus

Metro all parts of the series of games in chronological order

This is the last, to date, part of the Metro series, except for the additions, but not the last in the priority of the studio 4A Games. Like the previous ones, it was developed here, and for the most part, all the same, by people who had a hand in the creation of previous games.

It is noteworthy that the initiative for the release of the sequel came from Dmitry Glukhovsky – the author of an equally loud trilogy. After the publication of the novel Metro 2035, he himself came to the studio, already having the outline of a new project. Given the user interest in the post-apocalyptic saga and its popularity among gamers, the work began to boil in mid-summer 2015.

This time, the developers have worked more thoroughly on the new part, which can be seen in time – Deep Silver presented a release in February 2019 on PC (computer), as well as PS4 and Xbox One consoles.

Artem, Anna, and Sparta

In Metro: Exodus, events go far beyond the Moscow metro. The main actions take place on the devastated surface of the vast territories of Russia and Kazakhstan. In the prologue, after the final battle with the “Red Line”, the main character of the story left “Sparta”. Artem began to establish family relations with Anna. And Colonel Melnik took up the restoration of the thinned and practically disappeared Order.

At this point, there is vague evidence that the inhabitants of the subway are not the only survivors. More and more radio signals are coming in to confirm this. Their source is located far outside the capital of the Russian Federation.

It is quite natural that in the center of the plot (and in the role of the main character), Artyom again appears. It was he who first caught the vague signal back in 2033, after the Battle of the Ostankino Tower. This haunts him, and he increasingly wants to find out where the signal is coming from. It takes all his thoughts but annoys his wife and her father.

During one of the sorties to the surface, the hero is seriously injured in a skirmish with the guards. Having recovered, he again tries to locate the source of the signal but is captured by the “Hansa” and miraculously survives after being shot. Then he learns that the nuclear war continues, and the signal is deliberately jammed.

A new beginning

In the winter of 2035, Artyom, Anna, and a group of Spartans leave Moscow, discovering that there is no radiation background outside the city. Here they pick up a clear signal from Project Ark. The coordinates of the bunker point to Mount Yamantau. The group goes to her on the Aurora steam locomotive.

Passing over the bridge over the Volga, the locomotive is being fired upon by some people. They set up barricades on the tracks, causing the Aurora to break down. During the reconnaissance, Artyom and Anna learn that they are dealing with sectarians. After fighting their deity “The Fish King” and his minions, the group manages to cross the bridge.

Then Artyom and Melnik discuss another important event – the colonel managed to talk over the radio with the command of the Kovcheg project. All this happened while the hero himself was conducting reconnaissance. He was told that the Minister of Defense himself would meet them in the bunker. Although both have doubts, they decide to continue on their way to the mountain.

Unjustified expectations

Already in May, the train reaches Yamantau, where the minister actually meets them, but not at all as expected. Miller’s group is captured and turns out to be eaten by the inhabitants of the bunker. But the colonel manages to free the captives, after which they go to the Caspian, untouched by the war.

Upon reaching the sea, the group sees that it has dried up, and a brutal gang is ruling the entire region. The Spartans attack the bandits, free their slaves, and seize their supplies of drinking water and fuel. Among other things, they find a detailed satellite map, with uninfected places marked on it.

Following the indicated coordinates, the wanderers go to the nearest place. It is marked on the map as fit for life. And this means that it is possible to establish how much this corresponds to reality. On the way, Anna starts coughing up blood, which is the result of poisoning with poisonous gases in a bunker on the Volga.

Lord of the forest

After arriving at the designated place, Artyom finds the survivors. They split into two factions. But they are also on the verge of extinction due to the attacks of a mutant bear, nicknamed by them the Lord of the Forest. After killing a huge beast, the hero discovers that the dam that contains the radiation is about to collapse. So is the hope for clean land.

Having left the taiga expanses, which turned out to be an illusion, the Spartans wander around the country. With the onset of autumn, Anna’s condition deteriorates greatly. She needs a drug stored in Novosibirsk, but there is strong background radiation. Despite this, the Aurora team is sent to the dead city.

Already in Novosibirsk, making his way through the stations, Artyom finds the research institute building and the necessary drug in it. But in a fight with mutants, he is seriously injured. He is rescued by the Miller, who pulls him to the locomotive but dies from the radiation dose he received on the way.

Anna manages to be saved, as well as Artyom, who received severe radiation poisoning. After the death of Miller, he becomes the head of “Sparta”. With him at the head, the group gets to Lake Baikal, where uninfected territories have been preserved. Now Artem will have to return to Moscow to transfer the survivors here.

Gameplay features Metro: Exodus

Metro all parts of the series of games in chronological order

The main feature of the game is that the ending may not be so happy at all. After irradiation in Novosibirsk, the main character needs blood for a transfusion, and only Spartans can give it to him. There are exactly as many of them as is necessary for this. Thus, if one of them dies, Artyom will be doomed. With the development of a bad ending, a scene with his funeral is in store.

This is an original decision, given that the player is now entrusted with not only the life of the protagonist but also his companions. He must take care in advance to keep them on their perilous wanderings.

Game innovations

The arsenal of weapons remained largely the same, with only the AK-103 and Bulldog submachine guns, Molotov cocktails, and homemade baits added to it. The Aurora train is an integral part of the gameplay. This is not just a vehicle, but also a base, only here you can take a task or change equipment.

With a clear improvement in the “Stealth” system, the main discrepancy – the “poor eyesight” of the opponents, remained the same. They do not notice the hero in the low light. Now the player himself makes the decision – to kill the enemy, or to deal with him somehow differently. This provides a large amount of variability to the entire plot.

Since the events of the game cover a long period of time – almost a year, this is accompanied by a dynamic change in weather conditions corresponding to the season.

In conclusion, it is worth mentioning that six months after the publication of Metro: Exodus, in mid-August, the addition “Two Colonels” was released. And in February, Fashola – “Sam’s Story.” But fans of the mega-popular series are eagerly awaiting the premiere of the new part of Metro 2036. Its announcement took place on August 14, 2019. However, it will not be soon, according to the most optimistic forecasts, the release is expected no earlier than 2023.


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