How to make a logo online

How to make a logo online

The term logo refers to a recognizable trademark with which a brand, a business, or a certain event is associated. As part of creating a trademark, images, symbols, or combinations thereof are used. The logo may be simple or complex, will be multi-colored, or monochrome. Its main purpose is to make the company, product, or event recognizable to the general public. You can create a logo on your own if you learn how to work with graphic editors.

A logo is a symbol, drawing, typographic symbols or a combination of signs that help you stand out, create associations with the person, the brand. When creating it, it is necessary to take into account the philosophy of the company, the idea of a certain product. As part of the preparation of the logo pursue several functions at once:

recognizability. The logos of famous companies become their face, the cover that helps to distinguish quality products. This function helps to protect the brand from copying risks, as the image is protected by copyrights;

security. Copyrights are purchased for most logos, so third-party brands cannot use them on their products. Violation of this condition is prosecuted at the level of the law;

warranty. Using a brand mark on company’s products guarantees their high quality, compliance with customer’s expectations. Customers will know they are buying an original product;

aesthetics. Some logos resemble works of art, so they become not just a guarantee of quality, but a decoration of products, its distinctive feature. Companies plan the placement of a trademark so that it blends with the design, is an integral part of it;

advertising. The main function of the logo, because of which companies begin its development. Due to the image applied to the products, consumers recognize the seller, the manufacturer and get acquainted with its products in more detail in order to purchase.

Because of its many functions, a logo is an important link in creating an image for a company, a product or an event. A well-designed image reflects the philosophy of the brand, helps to distinguish its products and familiarizes others with its quality.

How to make a logo online

You can create a logo on your own, even without special skills. Modern facilities allow you to find a suitable version of the image, to compose a trademark from separate parts, or completely draw it from scratch. Create a logo online you can in two ways:

With the help of online designers;

By using professional graphic programs.

The first is suitable for those who have basic computer skills. The second can be used by people of creative professions who are familiar with graphic programs. Among the current designers, to which you can get free or paid access with premium features, include:

Turbologo. An online resource for creating corporate identity elements from scratch. On its pages you can combine pictures, icons, texts, symbols, customize their colors and combinations. A free version is available, there is a premium subscription with advanced features;

Wix. Logo builder offers a framework for creating an image with flexible options for its adjustments. The smart system will help you choose the right one based on your company’s field of activity and keywords. There are free and extended paid versions with different rates;

Shopify. An online service with a large assortment of ready-made logo templates that can be unique to a company or its product. Layout can be chosen based on brand scope and other personal values. The free version is severely limited. The paid version gives a lot of room for creativity.

There are other designers that have more modest possibilities than the resources described above. An alternative can be logo design on more professional resources, such as Online Photoshop or CorelDRAW, if you have special knowledge.


A logo is the face of any brand and major event. You can develop it yourself even without any special skills with graphic editors. To do this, you can use a convenient online constructor in the free access. Such resources allow you to work with the logo for free, but offer paid subscriptions to expand the functionality. Choose a suitable portal on the basis of its convenience and the goal of creating a trademark.


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