How to Fix WordPress Stuck In Maintenance Mode

Maintenance mode is the frequent matter for any content management system and WordPress in specific. When you update any site on the WP, the site will automatically go into maintenance mode. When any person visits the site, it will pop the update that the site is not available due to programmed maintenance, come back after a while.

How to Fix WordPress Stuck In Maintenance Mode

If you are wondering what the maintenance mode is, know that it is a characteristic of WordPress which gets empowered when updating the site to the revised version of WordPress. Once the update will start, the message will appear on the screen reflecting that the site is under maintenance. This will make the user know that the site is undergoing a process. So, the WordPress will automatically put the site into maintenance mode to update the latest version of WordPress or any other plugins.

When you will start updating, the site will change into the maintenance mode during that operation which will last a few seconds. Know that, to go in the maintenance mode, it will require a file name which is represented as .maintenance. So, when you will come out of it, you have to eliminate that file with the help of FTP.

Even if you are done with the update, sometimes we hear about the issue in which the site gets stuck in the maintenance mode. Also, timely updates are important, and it is never recommended to skip them until you have a valid or strong reason. The main motives of these updates are to keep your WordPress sites free from bugs and to increase their security. Timely updates of the WordPress site will make sure to keep it away from unwanted situations. The updates will not only keep it away from threats but also add new features to the software.

Now here are two situations, one is the .maintenance file is stuck in the root folder and the second is, if the updates do not go well, the file will be stuck and even if the file disappears, but the WordPress is stuck in the maintenance mode.

To get out of any of these situations, the following are the solutions:

  • Use FTP software– The main cause of WordPress being stuck in the maintenance mode is due to the .maintenance file. You have to get rid of it in any manner. To remove it, you can take the help of the FTP client app. With the help of the FTP file, you can locate the WordPress root folder. Then further look for the .maintenance file and delete it using the FTP app. Once you are done, clear the browser’s cache and reload your website.
  • Use a file manager– You can also use the file manager your hosting provider gave you. Visit the file manager’s control panel and visit the file manager option. Locate the .maintenance file and delete it right away.
  • Use SSH connection– For this, you have to set up the SSH connection and have to directly navigate the root folder. Delete the .maintenance file by typing rm .maintenance line of code. This way you will get your website out.
  • Rename the plugins– In some cases, the updates do not go well, and the site is stuck in the maintenance mode. In such cases, you can rename the folder to plugins-old with the help of FTP software. Refresh it and you will get your site out of the maintenance mode.

So, above are some points reflecting how you can easily get out of the maintenance mode. Though the procedure is not that tough, it is time-consuming. 

To escape from such situations, you can refer to the following points which will help you to escape from getting stuck into maintenance mode.

  • Themes and plugins must be compatible– Make sure that your plugins and theme must be compatible with the WordPress version you are using. The incompatibility may lead your site to stuck in the maintenance mode. Make sure to check the compatibility of the plugins with your present version of WordPress. Also, check it when you are about to go for a new update.
  • Never update all the plugins at a single time– While bulk updating, you will never come to know which plugin caused the problem or error. So here, you should update one plugin at a time to know which one causes the error.

Also, do not forget to match the compatibility after each update to eliminate the problem of WordPress stuck in maintenance mode. Focus on the preventive measure so that you do have to undergo the solutions. Although the processes are simple, they can be time-consuming. Also, keep your eye on the website after every single update to make sure everything is working as per the requirement. One more important thing is to create a backup for the situations when the issue cannot be resolved.


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