5 Logo Designing Trends to follow in 2022

2021 is gone and 2022 is here, its time we look forward what we want in the future and how we see our logo designs in the coming year. There will not be much of a difference in the designs when we talk about logos and branding. However, there will be some things that will make you see a clear change in the logos of both 2021 and 2022.

5 Logo Designing Trends to follow in 2022

New year comes with new surprises and new challenges, considering how some past years have been nobody can ever be sure of what next should we expect in terms of the business branding. When I was looking for someone to make me a logo, I knew what I wanted from them.

Company logo design services like Ingenious Guru came to my rescue and help me make a logo for me. They study the brand and the business with a clear mind and suggest something that goes with the current trends and suits the business as well.

When we talk about the year 2022 and the logo designs there is one thing that we must understand, ignoring the basics of 2021 and logo designs would just result in getting the logo in an absurd condition.

Following are a few must-know logo design trends for the year 2022, if you are missing out on them you will miss out on big opportunities.

Logos with Retro Rubber Hose

You must be aware of the imagery of Rubber Hose if you have played Bendy or Cuphead. Even if you have been a cartoons fan of the year the 1920s or 30s you must be pretty aware of this kind of animation which includes rubber hose animation.

The good news for such fans as you are going to see it all on a much bigger level in the logos in 2022. One of the reasons these rubber hose animations are coming back is mainly because it is about a whole century old. Moreover, because all these styles give off some characters that brands can incorporate in their branding and become more presentable.

However, presenting all these characteristics in branding can help in incorporating all the palettes and make the overall brand look modern and fresh. They are also the characters that do not have any human impact which makes it look more fun.

Blurred Logos

Logos are supposed to be clear and readable we all know that and that is one important aspect of logo designing as well. However, the trend is going to change in the year 2022 as blurred logos will be in fashion pretty soon. 2022 is expected to give less of priority to the clarity as the designers will be experimenting with the blur effects to focus more on the movement and the fluidity.

However, there is a fix here, you have to blur the edges only and of the letters too so the overall body is more focused. Apart from this, you can partner up the blurred logo with the clear and printed version of the overall brand name in order to give the reader a full understanding of the brand identity.

Stretched Content

Blurred logos are not the only new things that you will be seeing a lot in the year 2022. There will be more shocking trends that you might think are an exaggeration but would definitely love

it once you get used to it. In order to create the infinite feel and look of the logo, designers are playing with the continuous and stretched letters in the logo.

To make them look more attractive and fuller of space you can add some curves to the logo. Some of them might feel like the spaghetti strands twirling around the forks. When one letter is focused by stretching and distorting it, you would notice the pronunciation of the overall word also changes. The vocal stress on the same letter and sound prolongs a bit focusing on something that you want to be focused.

On the other hand, you can also distort logo letters to ensure the brand’s service and product are embodied primarily.


We all have been pretty much of a big fan of 2000 art and creativity. Last we remember we were confused about how soon the incorporation of the throwbacks started in order to enhance the design aesthetics. However, the answer today is pretty clear now, which is NO. For people to know, McBlings is the aesthetics that exaggerates and embraces the 2000s styli features particularly all those from 2003 to 2008.

They are the mixture of the contrast of all the period highs and lows which creates the celeb worship, gothic and diamantes fonts, and Twitter dawning and cultural obsession with the pink color. Now that the times are changing and we are all back to the traditional ways of designing and attracting the audience, the McBling style is also expected to make a comeback in the year 2022.

Sketches and Scribbles

Sketching is something that we all have done at some time in our lives; doodling is something that we all love. While some of the designers think that riffing on the easy times in their business logo designs is easy, others are trying their best to introduce sketching and scribbling in their designs. It is just another way of welcoming the new year and saying HI to the child inside them.

In the coming year, the designers are expected to incorporate more of the sketching and scribbling. Those rough and unfinished looks of the logo as compared to the cleaner and finished logo will be making the comeback and showing you how the whole design looks.

The overall logo design with the sketches and scribbles is in its purest form and gives a pretty good aesthetics. Since we are still high on the mantra of “Less is more” this year the designers will be getting more of these and making sure that the designing world does not let go of this minimal culture anytime soon.

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