Why Is My Laptop Battery Not Charging

Why is My Laptop Battery Not Charging? How to fix

If you plug in your laptop but it doesn’t charge, there is definitely something wrong with it. In some cases, the battery is completely discharged, which does not power the device. But if you have connected the adapter but there is no bright light, no bright indicator, or a charging indicator, you should take a few steps to detect the problem. In this article, we will share with you a few tips to help you solve a problem. Keep going.

Why Is My Laptop Battery Not Charging?

1. Make sure you are connected

First, make sure the laptop is connected. Also, check to make sure the plug is in the correct position. All removal wires must be fully charged and the battery must remain in good condition.

2. Remove the battery

If your laptop has a removable battery, unplug it. Now, press and hold the power button for a few seconds. The idea is to uninstall the device completely. After that, connect the phone and turn on the laptop.

Why Is My Laptop Battery Not Charging/

This trick should work well. But if not, chances are you have a battery that needs to be replaced.

3. Use the Right-USB Port

Today, USB-C is the standard connector for most devices. It helps to connect data transfer data and recharge batteries. If you have a non-billing problem, check to see if you are not connected to the wrong port.

4. Use a powerful charger

If the adapter is not strong enough, it will not charge your laptop battery. The charging wattage should be checked. Although a low-water charger can keep the battery out of the battery, it will not be strong enough to charge.

5. Look for shorts, frustrations, and breaks

Why Is My Laptop Battery Not Charging?

Check the cable for any breaks or kinks. Restrictions should not have a broken connection. Sometimes, pets chew adapter cables. AC brick should not be dyed and no parts should be expanded or twisted. Also, smell the AC brick to make sure it doesn’t smell like the plastic isn’t burnt. If it smells like this, you should try to replace the power connector.

6. See Power Connector

Make sure the connector is tight. There should be no dirt or dust on the jack. You can use a toothpick to clean the jack and reconnect it. In some cases, the jug is loose or loose, which means that the jug is broken and needs to be repaired.

7. Beat Heat

Why Is My Laptop Battery Not Charging?

Batteries are prone to overheating. When the temperature exceeds a certain temperature, the sensor may shoot out. This can also cause charging problems. In general, these problems are more common in older laptops as they have a lower cooling system.
In this case, you have to turn off the device and wait a while for the battery to cool. Also, make sure that the cool air is not blocked.

8. Replace the battery

If there are no problem-solving strategies, we suggest you purchase a new power adapter or battery. It is best to buy a battery from a reputable manufacturer. Using third-party batteries is not recommended.