Lionel Messi’s prison sentence for tax evasion has turned down to a fine thanks to Antonella Roccuzzo’s support!

The Spanish courts have reduced footballer Lionel Messi’s 21-month prison term for tax fraud to a fine. The court said in a statement that the Barcelona star must pay €252,000 ($288,000, £223,000), amounting to €400 for each day of the sentence.

Between 2007 and 2009, Messi and his father Jorge were found guilty of defrauding Spain for €4.1 million. His father’s 15-month sentence is put back with a €180,000 fine.

The two were found guilty of using tax havens in Belize and Uruguay to conceal earnings from image rights. His father’s 15-month sentence has resulted in a €180,000 fine.

Antonella Roccuzzo always put back him for him and supported him thick and thin.

The pair had been found guilty of concealing earnings from image rights by exploiting tax havens in Belize and Uruguay. What’s the deal with Spanish football stars getting into legal trouble?

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In addition to the suspended prison sentences, Argentina international is refining €2 million and his father €1.5 million. In August 2013, they made a voluntary €5 million “corrective payment” equal to the alleged unpaid tax plus interest.

Last month, the Supreme Court of Spain rejected Messi’s appeal against the term, although because his father had paid some taxes. In Spain, players seldom expect to serve time in prison because less than two years scaling down to probation.

as well as major setbacks:

16 June 2016: Leaves Argentina team after missing penalty in the shootout in Copa America final loss to Chile (he later regretted his decision). Argentina’s fourth major absolute failure in nine years. Chile won Copa America (2015) (again on penalties), Germany won the 2014 World Cup, and Brazil won Copa America (2007).

‘I knew nothing,’ says Barcelona star Lionel Messi in his tax fraud trial.

Messi’s attorneys said that the player “never committed a minute of his life to reading, studying, or analyzing” the contracts. The Barcelona high court did not grant the footballer immunity in June 2015 because he was uninformed of what was going on with his funds, which were managed in part by his father.

In August 2013, Messi and his father made a voluntary €5 million “corrective payment” equal to the alleged unpaid tax plus interest. The footballer has won the World Player of the Year award five times and is one of the world’s wealthiest athletes.

Messi has missed part of his national team’s preparations for the Copa America, which begins on Friday in the United States, as a trial. Argentina’s opening match will take place on Monday. Evidence of money relating to Messi’s image rights, such as contracts with Banco Sabadell, Danone, Adidas, Pepsi-Cola, Procter & Gamble, and the Kuwait Food Company, is being considered.

Antonella Roccuzzo is a Messi fan and always supports him.

Roccuzzo, Antonella sup Antonella cheering up in most Barcelona and Argentina match even before their children were born, cheering from the stands while her husband worked his magic. Messi’s ports. Even after their children were born, the family has always backed their father and are all big Barcelona fans.

His side has spotted her at events, casual dinners, and even philanthropic events. Antonella has been by Messi’s side through both victory and failure, assisting him in emerging more robust each time.

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