Java vs. Go Differences and striking features

Java vs. Go Differences and striking features

Are you confused about the concept of Java vs Go?

Do you know the differences between Java and Go?

If not, then it is high time to collect information about both of the worldwide programming languages. Both of these programming languages have pros and cons.  

Either it is Java or Goes, both of these languages are used for controlling the server-side web application. Due to the immense use of these programming languages, both of these are competing with each other. As a result, learners face confusion regarding which programming language they should opt for, either Java or Go.

However, you do not need to be confused about the concept of Java vs Go. We illustrate the information about comparison, differences, and other factors that will resolve all of your doubts.

So, firstly, let us discuss what Java and Go are.

What is Go?

The programming language Go is named Golang. Robert Griesemer, Ken Thompson, and Rob Pike were the developers of this prominent language. In addition to that, it has numerous features that include:

  • Statically Typed
  • Compiled
  • Multi-Paradigm
  • General-purpose programming language and so on.

In addition to that, there is an enormous similarity between the syntax of Go and C. Moreover, this language is ideal for modern multi-core computers. It provides support for parallel programming, which states that it can operate on various processes simultaneously. Along with that, it consists of the feature of lazy garbage collection.

The lazy garbage collection works for managing the memory. In addition to that, this management works on running the code faster.  

What is Java?

Java is one of the oldest and major programming languages. It is the:

  • Generic
  • Statically Typed
  • Compiled

The developer of Java Language was James Gosling. Further, it was introduced in 1995 but as part of Sun’s Java Platform. In addition to that, there was a time when it was a significant language and ideal for server-side applications.

Java vs. Go Differences and striking features

Java Programming language is preferred on numerous platforms that include machine learning applications, modern data science, etc. In addition to that, this programming language operates in the virtual machine. Moreover, in this compiled language, the virtual machine divides the code into bytecode. Further, it works on compiling it at the runtime fastly.

After reading the information mentioned earlier, you will get a little bit of idea about the similarities and differences.

Comparison of Java vs Go

There are numerous factors that make Java and Go different from each other. If you are confused about which language you should learn then the below-mentioned table will help you in choosing the best one.

The below-mentioned table below explicates information about the comparison of Java and Go on the basis of several factors.

FactorsGO Java
PerformanceCompile the code directory into the binary file.It consists of the second path which relies on a virtual machine
Coding SpeedMore compact and unforgivingMore established and stable
Memory UsageConsists of the pointer and garbage collectionVirtual Machine handles the memory of Java.
FeaturesIt consists of the lessen features.When it comes to the features then probably java fulfill all the conditions of programmers
 Popularity Go has the immense popularityOver time, Java loses its value.
Community As it is an exclusive project, the community shows interest in it.Has the bigger support system
Talent PoolIn the progress of surgingAlready huge
Security Has the checksum databaseSecurity manager and no pointer
Learning CurveEasy to understandSteep

These are some differences between Java vs. Go. In addition to that, you will have huge benefits from using Java and go. So, let us discuss the benefits of using Java and Go. 

Pros of using Java:

There are numerous benefits associated with Java which are in the following ways:

Java for business:

It can enhance the growth of business due to its features. These features include short configuration, high performance, and so on.

Java in the mobile and web development

As it has a handful of frameworks, it makes the building of backend infrastructure less stressful. In other words, its bones and is worthy for mobile and web development.

Pros of using the G.O.G.O.:

Go has numerous striking features that make it unique from the others. Here is the list of some perks of using the Go.

Go in case of development.

Without a shadow of a doubt, Golang is a fast and easy-to-understand programming language. It is fruitful in solving the problems related to bugs, errors, performance, and other issues. With the use of Go, the codes will get cleaner.

Golang in business

As per the perception of the majority of the masses, it is the future of the I.T.I.T. sector. There is a huge scope in the market. It will prevent several problems that are related to the memory leak and several sorts of errors.

What to choose: Java or Go

Consider Java forConsider Golang for
Android applicationsFast Server Response
Complex projectsSimple development and management
Wide range of librariesEfficient Data Processing
Cross-Platform developmentprocessor-intensive operations

The inference of complete analysis is that once you know about the differences and similarities of JAVA Vs GO, then you can give preference to one language.. Before deciding which language you want to study, you should focus on gaining information about it.


  1. Is Go faster than Java?

As per the perception of the majority of masses, Go is slightly faster than Java. It is because its function is similar to the C.

  1. Is Java losing its value?

There is no such proof that shows that Java is losing its value. There are still some organizations that rely on Java for their work.