How to Split large PST files?

How to Split large PST files?

If you are one of the users who are antagonized because of the slower speed of your Outlook application and want to split large PST files into smaller ones, then you have landed on the right article. In this article, I will tell you about the splitting of PST files with the help of both Manual and Professional methodology.

How to Split large PST files?

What are the reasons that force users to break PST files?

Technology has made advancements with time and so does Outlook application. In the version 2002 PST file upper limit is 2GB. In the versions 2003 and 2007 the limit of PST files increases by 18GB. After that in the versions from 2010 to 2013 Outlook has increases the Size limit of the PST file to 50GB and can be expanded and now in the version 2016 size PST file’s maximum limit is up to 50gb+ expandable up to 4000 terabytes.

Now, the users who are still using 2002,2003 or 2007 versions of the Outlook application and has higher PST file size that is close to the maximum limit of the outlook version and wants to split PST files because:

  1. It hinders the overall performance of the Outlook Application.
  2. Users do not need old data on daily basis and hence splitting the PST files helps them to work only on the file that has recent data.
  3. Synchronization becomes difficult with larger PST files.
  4. If one file damages or is lost then whole data is at the stake.

We can split large PST files by using two procedures respectively:

  1. Manual Procedure
  2. Automated Procedure

Let us study both of them deeply and try to understand their actual work.

Manual Procedure

In this procedure, users can use the inbuilt PST file splitter wizard in the Outlook application or they can use the archive method to split the PST files on their own by following the below-mentioned steps.

Outlook Import/Export Wizard

  1. Open Outlook application and click on info option then open Account settings option now again choose Account settings.
  2. Choose Add option mentioned under the data file category.
  3. Enter the name associated with the PST file and click OK to make a new PST file.
  4. Now follow Open & Export àImport/Export.
  5. Under Import/Export you have to choose the option as Export to a file and select the PST file that you have recently created in the former option and hit the Next button.
  6. Now, select all the desired folders you want to export, and do not forget to select the subfolders.
  7. Click on the Browse option to select the desired location for the resultant file.
  8. Finally, select Do not Export duplicate items and click on the Finish option.

Archive Method to Split large PST Files

  1. Start your Outlook application and open the file menu.
  2. Now, follow the path as Infoà ToolsàClean up Old Items.
Archive Method to Split large PST Files
  • Select Archive this folder and all the subfolders and enter the desired date and also select the path under browse option and click Ok.
Archive Method to Split large PST Files

By using the above-mentioned steps, you can split your large PST files into smaller and workable files easily.

Limitations Of Using Manual Procedure to Split PST files.

  1. Technical novice users find it difficult to operate.
  2. There are high chances of data loss while performing these steps.
  3. PST files can also get corrupted during the procedure.
  4. It is a very prolonged methodology.

Automated Procedure

In this method, I would like you to introduce with PST Splitter tool that is designed by DRS. This tool can split oversized PST files with utmost ease and precision. Your data will remain safe with this software. All the duplicated files are automatically removed so that more space is created. Encryption of PST files is performed after splitting them into multiple files. The trial version of the software can be downloaded from the official website for free of cost.

Wrapping Up

In this article, I have explained to you about two Manual Methods to Split your large PST files that contain high risk and I would never recommend you to take a risk when it comes to your crucial organizational or personal data. Hence, I would like you to move with Automated Procedure by DRS to split large PST files and move easily with no loss of data loss with integrity and robustness.