How to Screenshot on Asus Laptop

How to Screenshot on Asus Laptop

For this type of saving, you don’t need to install any special programs. All you need is to open the required tab on the screen (which you would like to save) and press the Print Screen key (you will find it next to the F12 key). Then open Paint (it is in all versions of new versions of Windows – 7, 8, 10, and earlier) and paste the required screen ( Ctrl + v for the “Insert” function in the context menu).

Then you save the image within the format you would like (we advise you to save it in jpeg format if you would like to be ready to upload the image to the Internet later). In this way, you can save a screenshot of the entire laptop screen. If you only need an image of a separate element (for example, a folder or a video player), then press Alt together with the Print Screen key. Then everything is the same. So, you’ll get obviate the sometimes cumbersome work of image editing and reserve it within the form you already need.

What if the Print Screen key doesn’t work?

The desire to require a top quality screenshot on a laptop sometimes goes beyond the boundaries of the built-in editors, because it’ll be no less convenient to use third-party software. There are many special programs for creating screenshots, where the foremost practical are:


DuckCapture program has the ability to take screenshots of windows with scrolling content and manage settings using hotkeys that are configured independently. The final version of the pictures is allowed to be copied to the clipboard for insertion and editing. Also, screenshots can be named and selected online folders for automatic saving.
Attention! Only the most popular formats are presented here – BMP, png, and jpg.


Picpic is a free option for capturing and processing images from a screen, a separate window, or a site. The final image can be edited directly in the program window with built-in tools. Picpic is very similar to the classic Paint editor. The save function supports the most popular BMP, jpg, gif, png, and pdf formats.
Important! One of the main features is the ability to transfer files to other programs (Word, Excel, or Skype) and social networks (Facebook, Twitter).


In addition to the very ability to edit and save a screenshot, the advantage of this version is the function of downloading and receiving code for further publication of materials. In addition, the program provides the power to look at your own statistics, post comments, share files with friends within the system, and make closed folders for limited viewing.
Important! The program itself is free, but you’ll need to buy a subscription with more options (more data volume and storage without time limits).


The free version, which can be downloaded as a full-fledged program with installation on an Asus laptop, or as a portable utility. Its proposed functions allow you to take a screenshot, edit it in the built-in editor menu, upload it to the server and have a link to publish it on the web.

Ashampoo snap

The more advanced version in comparison with other offers. The program also allows you to recognize the text on the screenshot taken and edit the picture. It is noteworthy that you can screen not only a fragment of an open page but its full version – from the top to the bottom, along with the entire scroll. It is also allowed to shoot video online.
Summarizing all the above methods, we will conclude that operating systems for contemporary Asus laptops have convenient functionality for taking screenshots. But if you regularly exchange ready made screenshots on the web, it’ll be logical to master several additional programs.


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