Gift Baskets to get from Pittman and Davis

Gift Baskets to get from Pittman and Davis

Every season comes with its perks and cons. Who wants to get into a peril talk? Not us! This is why let’s just explore the luscious freshness of fruits that each season brings. The benefits of fruits are infinite. Replacing a high on calorie junk meal with one which is full of vitamin and healthy nutrients, can provide a diet full of antioxidants and whatnot.

If you are looking for a store that has freshly plucked fruits and is bringing innovative healthy bucket ideas every day, at an affordable price then Pittman and Davis is the place to be. The store provides us with fruits grown on its farms. Pittman & Davis gift list provides us with many items. Among their most delectable items is the grapefruit, which is why it is mostly the Pittman and Davis fruit of the month. Pittman Davis oranges are also included in texas fruit baskets. Other Pittman and Davis citrus fruits such as are also hand-picked for each bucket and delivered right to our doorstep. 

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The store offers decorous gift baskets and boxes for every occasion. The gourmet gifts include king comic pears cheese, smoked meats, candies, and many other curated gift items. It’s a healthy gift and keeps our fitness prioritized. The Pittman and Davis promo code can be availed to get astounding discounts. All we have to do is select the bucket and place an order. 

To help you scan through the offerings, we narrowed some of the best gift baskets for you to enjoy with your family and friends this season.

The Ho- Ho -Ho Basket

As the name goes, this gift basket sends the cheers of the season. These snack-sized favorite fruits are packed in a reusable holiday container with soft fabric. These mini fruits are small in size but they have a blast of flavors in them.

 The beautiful basket contains Ruby Gems handpicked from Rio Grande Region, the tiny navels which are also sweet and easy to peel. What adds to the cuteness of the basket is the Lil Princess Pears with all the creamy goodness making it perfect to enjoy in the season.

Well not many of us are used to eating our fruits with the Stilton Blue Cheese but Pittman and Davis have the right match. The rich creamy texture with robust flavor is accompanied by sweet king Comic Pears. Another delicious combination offered by the store is Havarti Cheese. The perfect Comic pears are paired with mild and nutty Havarti cheese. These combinations make a wonderful gourmet treat.

Sunburst Tangerines Basket

No one can ever go wrong with a classic tangerine. Pittman and Davis offer a rich orange color, easy to peel sunburst tangerines with sweet tangy flavors. It is paired with famous Texas-grown Rio Ruby Red Grapefruit to double the sweetness. This combination is can’t miss variety from the store.

Enjoy all favorite citrus combined in a beautiful reusable metal fruit basket. The bucket contains tangerines, clementine, grapefruit, and whatnot. Every single fruit bursts with a juicy and tangy sweetness. 

The yummiest most interesting part is, you get customized recipes by Pittman and Davis for each basket ingredients. Enjoy the succulent chicken tenders with tangerine sauce or get the recipes for tangerine scones. You can separately get these items added to your Sunburst bucket.

Glad Tidings Gift Basket

Pittman and Davis offer the jovial basket for the season. Filled with mini Fuji apples, princess pears, and Tiny Tim navel oranges. The snowman-themed gift basket brings glad tidings of happiness to our loved ones. The basket also contains holiday sweets and snacks like orange truffles, cinnamon caramel, crunchy white chocolate, and many more.

We all love little decoration pieces for Christmas. Especially, the famous Truck o Treats from Pittman and Davis. This metal truck will become one of your favorite Christmas-right size decoration pieces. The truck has fresh red apples, clementine, pears, and a festive peppermint-flavored festive tree. This truck-o-treat is a delicious Christmas treat for your loved ones.

To add more to the bucket, cinnamon caramels are also added. Does your giftee love popcorns? These melt in your mouth sweet corns last for days. You can select the flavor from sweet, salty,

caramelized, and the special winter spice. We love the chocolate-flavored popcorns.

Christmas Buffet Basket

Can you hear the Christmas bells and smell the giant feasts? To elevate our festivity, Pittman and Davis Christmas Buffet Bucket is a must-avail. For the meat lovers among us, this bucket is designed in a manner that caters to all our meaty, fruity cravings.

The buffet bucket has a box of cold sliced meat, cheese, fruits, and nuts. You also get smoked meat as well as the choice to choose from salted or pure dry fruits. Quite a pickle to choose caramelized or salty almonds. Gladly, Pittman and Davis give a pack of both nicely curated in an embellished pouch.

The Havarti cheese stays in its best shape for days. You can add crackers to your bucket, and enjoy a meat slice topped with cheese on a cracker. Mustard and Sriracha sauce are also added in mini jars in the bucket. If you are invited to a hi-tea party, we recommend you to take this stunning bucket along!

Holiday Sugar Belles

For someone more about packaging than the inside items, the Holiday Belles by Pittman and Davis makes for a lovely gift basket. The whisker bucket is handmade of bamboo sticks. It is not only pretty looking but is spacious and durable enough to hold up to 10kg weight. 

The store curates its bestselling citrus fruits in it. The catch is the timing. As the Holiday Sugar Belles is available only once a year when the first harvest arrives. The citrus fruits are not regular ones. They are hybrid versions of grape-fruit blended with other seasonal fruit. You can only get such a unique hybrid version only at Pittman and Davis.

The stunning baskets are re-usable. We love the leather straps which are used to hold the bucket insiders without the fear of any breakage. You can also order the citrus value pack if you are looking for multiple same bucket orders. These packs are not only affordable but you can customize them as per your giftee’s liking.

Chocolate Covered Treats and Sweets Baskets

Gift this basket to the chocolate lover in your family. And make this basket the best gift they ever received. This basket is packed with crunchy chocolate flavored pretzels, chocolate-covered cherries, coconut bites, crunchy pecans, and everything a chocolate lover can imagine.

The basket is beautifully arranged in a handwoven water hyacinth basket. It is a delightful gift for a true sweet tooth; the basket is filled with a delicious mix of nutty, chocolatey, and sweet mix of chocolates. The Grand Confections basket is all about chocolates and other hand-made sweets.

The seagrass baskets are available in multiple sizes. The unique insider is the Ghirardelli caramel-filled milk chocolates, the ones who have had these call them square bites of heaven. And rightly so, as these assorted chocolates are nowhere else to be found.

Pittman and Davis’s collections of fruits and other assorted items are among best-sellers. Not only are their items top-notch but their services are also exemplary. They have all our favorite gift baskets packed with happy nutrients, which is all we want to gift!

This holiday season gives the gift of good health to your loved ones. We hope that this article assists you in picking up your favorite basket from Pittman and Davis. Don’t forget the store has the fastest delivery service. You can directly get the bucket sent to your loved ones!