Creative & Beneficial Ways to Punish a Stubborn Child

Kids are very cute and very jolly until they summon the god of mischief Loki in themselves and start their mischief. Being mischievous is a very normal thing in kids and it is fun sometimes for the kids if it is done in limits and doesn’t hurt anyone but when kids forget their limits and become very mischievous and stubborn too and they really become a pain in the head. But still it is no fault of kids because they are innocent and they should be taught about manners. Enjoying and doing fun is not any sin but this fun should not never create tension for any one like parents, tutors and other people. It is necessary to teach the children how to behave well with others and enjoy life without hurting anyone. When the kids grow, they behave in a very naughty way and they start doing impossible mischief which as a parent you can’t even imagine and they run here and there and scatter things in the home or anywhere and become almost impossible to be controlled. Now this is the time where parents need to be a little robust and strict and make the kid understand about discipline. For this parents have to punish their kids sometimes when they misbehave, push some other kid, abuse or break anything knowingly, this is a situation which can’t be ignored and strict action is necessary to tackle the situation but here punishment doesn’t mean beating or insulting the kids instead, because such punishments can hurt the kids mentally very deeply so parents should focus on punishing the kids in a productive manner which can benefit them and they can understand the moral also they should not have done mischief. School LMS and LMS portals convey the same message to parents. School LMS and LMS portal make sure that this same concept of learning the importance of good behaviour should be followed in school also. Let’s discuss about such creative punishment which teach kids about good behaviour without hurting them: ● Many a times it is seen that parents being irritated from mischiefs of the child which often goes beyond the limits, give the child punishment to stay in the corner of home where he or she will not be allowed to watch cartoons, eat candies, play with friends and absolutely do nothing, the child will have to be there silently. But this will hurt the child only. Instead, the child can be given any homely task like cleaning his room, memorizing a poem, or learning easy recipes or can do the tasks of gardening which are his or her age appropriate. ● Sometimes we see that children commit mischief in front of parents and people without fear and this fearlessness is a real trouble because then kids can’t be controlled anyhow, here instead of beating or spanking or insulting there can be some good ways to mend the child like give him/her some exercise to do like if the kid fought his peer or broke any flower case then give him/her task to do 10-15 sit ups or jogging in the garden for 15 minutes or sometimes give him some yoga asanas to practice for 10-20 min. This will be boring to his/her eyes but in reality, a very beneficial punishment to their health. ● Make a list of some homely tasks which are necessary but boring in the eyes of a child. These tasks should be of 15-20 and wait for the mischief to be conducted by the child. When children conduct such mischief where they hurt anyone or fight with any other student then parents should be very attentive and should assign their kids the punishment under which the kid should be assigned with some homely tasks from this list like watering the garden, cleaning the furniture etc. ● Parents and teachers should keep one thing in mind that even kids have the ability to think and act. So, kids should never be beaten or insulted for their mistakes, instead they should also be given a chance to repent and think over their mistakes. For this the kid can be given responsibility of walking a pet or making a drawing or scenery during which the child will get the time to cool-off his/her mind and can feel sorry and may apologize also after returning from the task.