Biometric Face Recognition

Biometric Face Recognition: A Powerful System Against Online Fraud

Cybercriminals use complex scamming techniques to fulfil their evil plans. The advent of digital solutions has made their process easier than before. Scammers can bypass the verification systems by exploiting the loopholes in the security protocols. Business owners worry that hackers can steal the sensitive information of their high-net-worth clients and sell it on the black market. In this light, biometric face recognition is a pragmatic and scalable solution for companies. It is a foolproof system that not only protects data but also ensures compliance with Anti-money laundering regulations. The AI-backed software prevents money laundering and other financial crimes efficiently. 

How Do Scammers Dodge the Security Systems?

Fraudsters use various tricks to fool the security measures of an organization. Some of the techniques are the following.

  • Cybercriminals steal the official documents of a person to gain benefits linked with their identity. Therefore, global regulatory bodies enforce KYC/AML guidelines on all financial organizations
  • Hackers can also use fabricated identities to achieve their objectives. Criminals design the records in such a way that even a trained human eye cannot detect the manipulation. Such tricks work well when companies do not use advanced verification procedures. If a company uses biometric face recognition technology, the above methods will never succeed. The biometric technology will catch it instantly and reject the documents
  • Fraudsters can use synthetic identities which is a meticulous way of fraud. Criminals use different identity credentials to design a new profile. This kind of manipulation is difficult to catch. As per the insights from federal reserves, synthetic identity fraud is very common in the United States of America (USA). Scammers use the credentials of low-profile people, dead and homeless to achieve their targets
  • Using ghost identities is another approach to bypass the verification system. This is a form of identity theft that is used to obtain free benefits associated with the victim. For example, pension or healthcare insurance. Fraudsters can target both public and private companies for their purposes

The Significance of Biometric Face Recognition

Clients must know that companies having poor security protocols will be the main target of cyberattacks. It means that the verification system only performs shallow screenings and not in-depth evaluations. Synthetic identity fraud is different from fake identities and only a biometric face recognition system can catch the sophisticated deception attempts.

Biometric Face Recognition: The Unique Features of the Face Scanning System

The implementation of a biometric face recognition system is a compatible solution for businesses because it ensures accurate verification of clients. The biometric technology can integrate well with the pre-existing technology for effective fraud prevention. The foolproof system has the following characteristics that make it stand out. 

  • Cross-checking the clients’ data: the use of artificial intelligence enables the technology to cross-check the data in real-time. The system performs the feature with the documents in the database. If a criminal tries to bypass the system, the biometric face recognition service will notify the users instantly. Actually, the technology checks the micro-expression points of the clients that a picture does not have
  • Using liveness detection: the biometric face recognition technology stores the unique facial signature of every client. This kind of personalization feature protects the users against all kinds of deception attempts. Some companies also offer video-based KYC procedure that goes more in-depth by asking the client to perform certain actions
  • The 3D depth perception factor: As the name suggests, the feature leaves no chance for fraudsters to fool the system. The 3D factor can catch any advanced manipulations quickly and informs the customers so that they can take action accordingly

Biometric Face Recognition: The Application at Airports

The application of biometric face verification technology has airports in Brazil and the USA. The biometric face recognition system is so advanced that it can detect faces behind the face mask. The main objective behind the use of biometrics is to guarantee a safe travelling experience for passengers. Moreover, the law enforcement agencies wanted to control drug and human trafficking cases efficiently. 

Health Benefit of the Face Recognition Solution

The biometric face recognition software is a streamlined security system that facilitates officers in evaluating the intention behind travel. It is a contactless technology that stops the spread of dangerous pathogens. Hence, it performs passenger identity verification with added health benefits. 


All in all, every business can implement biometric face recognition software to safeguard its daily workflow. The latest software makes sure that only real customers benefit from the company’s services and scammers stay away. The biometric face recognition software is special as it verifies the identity of a client using their unique signature. It means that it captures face signature, code in the retina, and fingerprint scanning. The support from artificial intelligence enhances the power of the technology manifold. Consequently, the biometric face recognition system is impossible to circumvent. 

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