5 Techniques To Save Yourself From Plagiarized Assignment

Often in college, you think what if there was someone to do my homework? Or how can I get someone to do my assignment for me? Now, there are online assignment help websites that write your homework for you. These sites hire expert tutors who write your homework for you.

Many websites have become popular among students. They are cheap, and quick to deliver the assignments. But professors are grading these assignments less because a lot of plagiarism is in them.

So, you may wonder, “Why do I get lower grades when I get someone to do my assignment for me?” A student can copy someone else’s work while writing his homework. So, it is also possible that online assignment help websites are doing the same.

Let’s get into details about how to avoid Plagiarism and save yourself from lower grades.

What Is Plagiarism?

Plagiarism is taking some other person’s work in the form of text, image, video, or any ideas. And copy-paste it into your work without giving them the due credit. With online assignment help, it is common to find plagiarism in your assignment.

Is Plagiarism Punishable?

Yes, plagiarism is punishable by law. If you are a student who has plagiarized from online sources, your professor can not only lower your grades. But they can also report you to a higher authority which in turn can expel you.

How To Avoid Plagiarism In Your Assignment?

Now, if you want to avoid getting punished, you need to avoid plagiarism in your assignment. Here are 5 sure-fire techniques you can use to avoid plagiarism.

1. Paraphrase Or Learn To Write Better

Whenever I have to do my assignment I Google the topic before writing my paper. You must be thinking, “I do that too when I do my assignment.”

When we find an elaborate article or a research paper which has all the relevant information, it is very easy to Select, Copy and Paste the content. But that is wrong and illegal.

Instead, learn how to paraphrase the text in your own words. While paraphrasing, use synonyms, change sentence structure, change active to passive voice, etc. In short, learn to write ideas in your own words, instead of doing copy-paste.

2. Use Quotation Marks

Paraphrasing is suitable when you are taking inspiration from the author. But if you like the specific words or you want to elaborate on the statement itself, you should use quotation marks for the sentence in your assignment and credit the due source.

When writing a literary analysis paper, you should use quotation marks for the statement. And then cite the source for it.

3. Learn To Use Proper Citation

Next thing is, using the proper format for the reference citation. Many students don’t know how to cite sources for the content they use. So, to avoid making mistakes they plagiarize without giving credit to the source.

Citation of the source material includes the title of the book/journal, name of the author, publication house, date, edition, etc. in a specific format.

In a research paper, you can cite the source at the end in the bibliography or the footnotes. There are many formats for citations of the reference, such as MLA, APA, Chicago, AMA, etc. Ask your professor which one is suitable for your paper.

4. Use A Plagiarism Checker Tool

Even though you have taken care of the citation and quotation, there can be accidental plagiarism in your homework. So, before submitting an online assignment, it helps if you run it through a plagiarism checker website.

In case of online assignment help, ask for a plagiarism report from the tutor. And then run it yourself once you receive the assignment. There are many trusted websites like Turnitin, Grammarly, Quetext, etc., which you can use to check your text for plagiarized content.

But do not rely on these sites much, for there can be some error in analysis. Rather be careful while writing the paper and avoid plagiarizing.

5. Study The Material And Develop Concepts

The best trick to avoid plagiarizing is to be original in forming new ideas. And you can do it if you study the text material thoroughly before attempting your assignment.

Next time you think I have to do my homework, you should read the textbook and lecture notes carefully. And then try to write it in your own words.

Your professor will appreciate it when you write the assignment understanding the concepts, rather than copying it from an online source.

So, here are five simple steps to help you avoid plagiarizing in your assignment. Use these to write and submit an original and well-written paper. That will ensure you top grades in your assignment.


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